Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Hat

We made this little hat craft to show our love for the soldiers


blue construction paper

white construction paper



Red crayon



Straws (2 per hat)

Cut a piece of construction paper in half and fold in half.
I folded each one down and stapled one piece to the end of the other one to make a long band.
Measure it around the head and staple.  You can cover the staple with a piece of tape so it doesn't snag the hair.
Next, we needed to make flags.  I cut a piece of construction paper in half three times. (short way)  You'll end up with the two long rectangles.
Cut out a small rectangle to glue in the corner.  We put star stickers on, and drew 13 stripes on the flag.  Next, I cut a piece of a straw (you can leave them as long as you want) and stapled the flag to the straw.
Pin It

Stick the flags inside the fold of your head band.  You can staple them in if you want.  I didn't in case the kids wanted to take one out and wave them.
Finished product - Two little troopers showing love for the soldiers.