Thursday, May 2, 2013

Caleb's Turning Two

We are about to have a two year old in the house!  My little bean is sprouting and trying to grow up on me.  Here's a look at my love bug through his tiny little years.

Baby Caleb made his big arrival - 1 day before induction
Sleeping soundly
3 months - Hey Mama!
4 months - Just can't resist taking pics!
5 months - He started out laying on top of this and got stuck in it rolling around.
10 months- I've got this walking thing down.
11 months - Posing with big brother at the Old Train Depot downtown.

1 year old! -Party day - Didn't want to come in the house for 10 seconds so I could change his diaper.
14 months - Co-starring in Elementary School Musical
17 months - new hangout spot- the dryer

18 months- playing in the leaves .
20 month old -Is it time for story time, yet?  Waiting to go to the library.
23months -  Art at grandma's
23 months - Hiding from Cate with big brother on the playground.
Happy Birthday to my little sprout!  Looking forward to the terrible/terrific twos.  You know it's always a little bit of both but I couldn't image life without it.