Friday, May 24, 2013

A Is For Apples And Airplanes

I knew as soon as Caleb turned two, that we were going to start on the alphabet. So a few weeks later, we got started. This actually took about a week and half due to us all being sick back to back.

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We made an apple tree
Glued bits of construction paper to decorate the letter A.
Gluing A's.  He also attempted to draw them because I had.
Coloring an Apple
Popsicle stick airplane glued on paper with cotton clouds
An airplane craft by using a clothespin and popsicle sticks.  Small popsicle sticks should be used at the end but we didn't have any left, so we used card stock.
Paper airplanes
We also watched these two videos I found on YouTube.
This is a 6 minute video by coil book on a hunt for the letter A.
An alphabet train by vidz4kids.
We also had some cut out letter As that we played hide and seek with.  Now my little smarty pants can tell me the name of the letter, he'll say A is for apple or airplane, and he can also tell me what sound the Aa makes.  I wanted to Ark for A but I knew he would call it a boat, We may do it anyway for a Sunday School craft this weekend.