Friday, April 26, 2013

What's up Doc?

It was a horrible, near gut wrenching, burning pain.  I could barely control myself.  I had never felt something so horrible.  I didn't know whether to grab a back scratcher or a sledge hammer.  We're supposed to call on Jesus right? 

Well, I wore that name OUT!  JESUS, LORD, HAVE MERCY!!

It was killing me.  I had already suspected what the culprit might be but the doctor later confirmed my suspicions.  Who would have ever thought that the unusual amount of stress from motherhood, home life, starting a company, and mama moving in would have caused such a thing.


A term that had no relevant meaning to me besides constructing roofs had now surfaced and latched on to my back like a blood sucking leech.  I can't stand it.  The pain hits and my eyes grow bigger than Chris Tucker's in Rush Hour when he realized that giant man was behind that door.

(source: google)
I didn't know what to do.  I tried to lay hands, feet, AND toes on myself.  I was like, "Lawd, way da oil at!!" (Just like that!)  I didn't have time for grammar.  I needed me and my back to get on one accord!  In the name of Jesus! 

Okay, God.  I get it.  To Blessed to be Stressed, not the other way around.