Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Facebook- The Electronic Demolition Device?

There are times when I log onto facebook and feel like I have stepped into the middle of a war. (Whoa!  Let me move out the way)

There are posts so derogatory and negative and some that are iniating full blown battles.   One day it's full of a whole bleeping lot of bleeping kinds of bleeping people that bleep the bleep of bleeper ville bleeps because they bleeping just want to bleeping do so. 

What?!  Having a bad day?  Nothing nice to say, huh?  Freedom of Speech?

A place where you can reach so many people all over everywhere and we spread hate. Of course, it's not everybody.

I post pictures of my kids and family but I also post things that make people think, make people believe, hope, laugh, dream, and be inspired.  Don't we need more of that?  You can't always look for kindness because sometimes you have to be a carrier, in between the toddler and the bags of groceries you're already holding.

Some people are on facebook for the very reason of escaping something they're going through and/or could be looking for relief comically, for inspiration, information, looking for a word of encouragement, or to just be plain nosey.  I'm  all of these, especially nosey; however, this is just being well informed. HAHA.

What you post on facebook has the power to ignite sparks, start a cold war, or a full blown wild fire in good and bad ways.  You are what you post.  It's your character.