Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend- The Hunt

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. It was a very busy one, I bet. Saturday was our community egg hunt at church and we had a ball. We arrived early, stuffing eggs and baskets while the kids ran around like free spirits all over the church grounds. However, I later realized that I was incapable of stuffing baskets and eggs and parenting at the same time. Caleb came to me twice with wet pants as I forgot to take him to the bathroom and we were all too busy to notice.   Does this classify as child neglect?  I hope not.  Later I managed to redeem myself and get back on board. Most likely, because we were on the last change of clothes.

When it was time for the Easter egg hunt, the kids were bubbling with excitement. Little hands and feet couldn't be still. You could hear squeals of delight and giggles as the anticipation was building in their little bodies. We lined the kids up and let them go. They launched like rockets after the seen and unseen promise of a sugar filled egg.  Oh and cash.   Did I forget to mention cash?   Oh, to be a kid again.

Little legs were sprinting in every direction as fast as they could go while laughter and shouts of "I found one" came screeching out one after the other. I had little Caleb by the hand trying to lead him in the right direction and point out eggs.  I stopped and turned around to point out another one and there it was.  Like a lone deer in the middle of a meadow, a calm in the midst of a storm, there was my daughter. Standing idle in the middle of the grounds like an abandoned soul, there was my child refusing to move an inch and run after eggs.  All that excitement from the week and just a few minutes earlier had taken a nose dive and crashed.  Fear, puzzlement, being overwhelmed, something had taken over once again and had rooted her feet to the ground.  She was like "NO."  I'm not doing this.   Did I mention my daughter is 7?   Every year she can't wait to go out and find eggs and every year she stands like a brick in the middle of the grass and refuses to budge.  I've tried to pull her along and she pulls back.  I've tried cheering her on and cajoling but nothing works. When she has her mind made up.   It's made up.  Hmm... I wonder where she gets that from?  

After the hunt was over, she decided the world was once again an okay place and she happily skipped and ran about looking to see if any eggs were left behind.   She's a little mess, I tell you.  She had a great Easter weekend, though.