Friday, May 31, 2013

Fitness Friday: Help!

So my exercising this week has been up and it's been down.  We started out good but by the end of the week, we were in trouble.  And can you say snack?  Oh, Lord. I've been snacking on peanuts and cashews all week, all throughout the day.  I've eaten almost two cans.  Seriously.

I did manage to get these in though:

Workout #1
Hers magazine workout from last week
arm workout from last week

Workout #2
Hers magazine workout alone

Workout #2
100 stomach crunches
100 reverse crunches
Done at 11:00pm.  I felt so guilty.  I had to do something.

Workout #3
arm workout from last week (5lb weights)
squats, front lunges, side lunges 3 sets 12 (5lb weights)
crunches, oblique crunches, reverse crunches 3 sets of 20

And this is what happened this morning.  I decided to take all three boogers out and ended up like this at the end of mile 1. "Mommy, wanna go with you!"

Check out that transitioning hair.  Lol. 
I think I'm going to try doing videos since the kids are out of school and Caleb would be more interested in what they are doing during the day.  I'm thinking Jillian Michael's 30 day shred or the Biggest Loser Cardio for the month of June.  The ironic part is that I have all these workout DVDs, from Tae Bo to 6 second abs.  I used to be soooo into fitness, but I'm not giving up.  I'll get there.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Know It's Summer When...

Whether it's the scorching temperatures, the sight of bare feet covered in mud, or the sound of afternoon laughter (the kids are probably doing something devious), there are always some key characteristics that summer has arrived.  So here's mine.  Maybe you can relate.

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1.  The kids are up at the crack of dawn.
2.  You could care less what the kids are wearing.
3.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, Popsicles and watermelon are substitutes for real meals.
4.  There is more dirt and water inside than outside.
5.  More time is spent figuring out where all the food went.
6.  The kitchen table is covered in crafts, activities or both.

7.  You forget you have a mailbox.
8.  You have no idea what day it is.  Just Go With It.
9.  Pajama Day is a frequent holiday.
10.  The living room floor is transformed into a camping ground.

11.  Vacation Bible School
12.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner occur at any random time throughout the day.
13. You realize just how many toys your children actually do have.
14. Flip flops are the new normal.

15.  The water hose becomes a child sprinkler system...or a bath.
16.  It's probably not considered morning when you do get out of the bed, or want to get out.
17.  You need as much bug spray as you need water to survive.
18.  You've come up with a hundred different sandwich combinations because it's too hot to turn the oven on.

19.  Picnics, ball caps, softball, and kickball
20.  You find yourself yelling, "STOP RUNNING IN AND OUT THIS HOUSE!!"

Embrace the Chaos

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Arbonne Protein Shake

Another product I tried from the Arbonne essentials line was the vanilla protein shake mix.  The shake has "20 grams of vegan protein plus more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals per serving. 

The packet says to mix it with 9oz of water, but I mixed it with Almond milk.  One of the consultants says she does this and I figured it would taste better. I also added about 12oz of Almond milk instead of the 9 suggested ounces of fluid, because it looked clumpy.  I didn't have a shaker cup so I put mine into a water bottle and tried to shake it up pretty good.  It smelled delicious.

I substituted this protein shake for breakfast and it also tasted delicious.  I felt like I was drinking a milkshake.  I could still taste a few clumps in the drink so I shook it up some more.  I don't know if that would have been better if I had the shaker cup or not.  Overall, I liked the shake.  It tasted good and I didn't feel like I was drinking a protein shake. 

They come in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla and run 10 in a pack for $25.  However, there are discount programs where you can get the products for up to 35 percent off.   

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review: Arbonne Essentials Energy Fitz Sticks


The other week, I was contacted by an Arbonne representative and asked to try some of their products to see how I would like them.  I have heard of Arbonne before, but as I mentioned in my Fitness Friday Post, I wasn't aware that they had an Arbonne Essentials line focusing on health and fitness.

The representative I met with was very nice, friendly and likable.  Unlike, some that are trying to sell you something or get you to try something and they are very pushy (persistent) and almost completely annoying.

So, last week I tried the Arbonne Essentials Energy Fitz in the citrus flavor.  It is just like one of those little packets that you put into a bottled water. 

I opened the packet and, like any other water flavoring, I just dumped it right into the water bottle.  Despite the packet saying fitz, I didn't expect it to actually fitz.  It was like a mini explosion when baking soda and vinegar meet.  Therefore, I spilled some of it on the table.  Though I wasted some, the flavor was still very good.  

Now the product says it "helps promote alertness and enhance cognitive performance and also help promote endurance and enhance motor performance."  It is "recommended for helping to provide a boost of energy and increase metabolism."  It also says it is a "great alternative to coffee in the morning."

Well, I could use a boost all day long, especially now that summer's here.  However, I don't drink coffee nor have I ever, and I've never taken 5 hour energy or any of those type products to boost energy, so I did not have anything to compare it to.

First, I sipped from the bottle for a bit and I drank the rest of the bottle probably within the next 15 -20 minutes. 

It worked! 

I was surprised, but I had a real boost of energy.  If you've been following me on Facebook, you might remember that my kids have been sick all that week: fever in the night and up half the night.  So, I was already tired.  I had planned on cleaning the house to keep whatever germs that may be in here at bay, anyway.  Well, I was like Lynnette Scavo (Desperate Housewives) after she had taken her "magic pill." 

I had vacuumed, dusted and picked up toys out of both living rooms, cleaned the whole bathroom ( I mean scrubbed from top to bottom), made my way to the kitchen and cleaned up nearly everything ( I usually wait until the next morning, if I'm really lazy), put up and folded laundry ,and then somehow managed to do the Hers workout from Fitness Friday and an additional arm workout.  I felt like Superwoman.  I honestly felt like I still had energy left to do something else.  I just wasn't tired and if I was, that drink had sure fooled my mind and body because I really didn't feel it. 

I need to order that stuff by the case!

So in my opinion, the product worked and did exactly what it claimed.

They are a little pricey in my opinion.  (because I'm on a mission to massively eliminate our debt in three years.)  They come in packs of 20 for $32.  The ingredients consist of green tea, ginseng, guarana, and B vitamins. 

However, I would consider buying them.  Hope this helps anyone considering the product.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Hat

We made this little hat craft to show our love for the soldiers


blue construction paper

white construction paper



Red crayon



Straws (2 per hat)

Cut a piece of construction paper in half and fold in half.
I folded each one down and stapled one piece to the end of the other one to make a long band.
Measure it around the head and staple.  You can cover the staple with a piece of tape so it doesn't snag the hair.
Next, we needed to make flags.  I cut a piece of construction paper in half three times. (short way)  You'll end up with the two long rectangles.
Cut out a small rectangle to glue in the corner.  We put star stickers on, and drew 13 stripes on the flag.  Next, I cut a piece of a straw (you can leave them as long as you want) and stapled the flag to the straw.
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Stick the flags inside the fold of your head band.  You can staple them in if you want.  I didn't in case the kids wanted to take one out and wave them.
Finished product - Two little troopers showing love for the soldiers.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fitness Friday

First I want to say, as usual, it's been a rough week! As if getting over a sinus infection wasn't enough, Caleb ran fever for 2 days straight, then Cate ran fever starting last night and didn't go to school today, and now AJ came home with fever and chills.  It's been a pretty sleepless week but I think I've managed to do a pretty good job this week in spite of everything.  I'm actually proud of myself for not letting these circumstances keep me from working out. 

But Anyway.  Here's the lowdown.

Workout 1 - twice this week
50 jumping jacks, 50 side lunges, 30 front lunges, 50 squats, 30 punches w/ weights, using a dumbbell and hold over head and swing it down between legs into a squat and swinging back up without stopping,( saw on YouTube) 50 of these, hold weights up to chest and twist increasing speed (biggest loser) 30 seconds, hold dumbbells at side and lean into each side like reaching toes, 30 seconds, and added 50 crunches

Workout 2 -
Started out doing a workout from an old Hers magazine, before I was over run by Parenting, but then the kids decided to join me and it got over crowded too fast and I switched up.
.  This is the complete workout but I ended up stopping at the push ups, when Caleb decided to climb under me and sit there.  This workout is supposed to burn 300 calories in 20 minutes.  Going to try it again next week.  I ended up dancing for the next 30 minutes, trying to keep my heart rate up.

Workout 3 -
100 jumping jacks
100 jump ropes
50 squats
50 lunges
100 crunches
100 punches

Workout 4-
100 jumping jacks
100 jumping ropes
50 squats
50 lunges
100 punches
100 jump ropes
100 punches
100 crunches
100 oblique crunches

Arm Workout
5lb dumbbells, 3 sets of 12
Ab workout
Done with arm workout
3 sets of 10
Haven't worked out today yet, but plan on doing one sometime this evening.
I have been given some products to sample from Arbonne.  A lot are from the Arbonne essentials line, which I didn't even know existed.  I have a protein shake, digestion plus aide, energy fizz packet,  appetite suppressors, and a herbal detox tea along with other non related fitness items.  I'm excited to try them and to let you all know how they are.  So, I will be putting up some reviews sometime next week on some of products.

A Is For Apples And Airplanes

I knew as soon as Caleb turned two, that we were going to start on the alphabet. So a few weeks later, we got started. This actually took about a week and half due to us all being sick back to back.

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We made an apple tree
Glued bits of construction paper to decorate the letter A.
Gluing A's.  He also attempted to draw them because I had.
Coloring an Apple
Popsicle stick airplane glued on paper with cotton clouds
An airplane craft by using a clothespin and popsicle sticks.  Small popsicle sticks should be used at the end but we didn't have any left, so we used card stock.
Paper airplanes
We also watched these two videos I found on YouTube.
This is a 6 minute video by coil book on a hunt for the letter A.
An alphabet train by vidz4kids.
We also had some cut out letter As that we played hide and seek with.  Now my little smarty pants can tell me the name of the letter, he'll say A is for apple or airplane, and he can also tell me what sound the Aa makes.  I wanted to Ark for A but I knew he would call it a boat, We may do it anyway for a Sunday School craft this weekend.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Honor's Night

Well, I've been missing for a while with all the graduations and honor's programs I've been to lately. It was hard to keep up with everybody graduating. These kids grow up so fast.

Well, here's a picture of my little duo at Honor's night.

Congratulations to everyone out there for their accomplishments and graduations!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Having Vision

Where there is no vision, the people perish. - Proverbs 29:18

This morning, Joel Osteen talked about keeping the vision in front of you.  Sometimes it's hard to keep your eyes on the vision when everything around you seems to be and go in a complete contradiction of what you are trying to envision.  We have a tendency to look at things with our naked eye, but looking this way can lead us to feeling helpless, hopeless and discouraged.  We can't see the vision this way. 

Vision is simply being able to see farther than where we are right now.  We neglect to accomplish, grow and achieve many things in our life because we fail to have a vision for them.  We can't possibly see ourselves in a certain position or situation.  Instead of looking at things with our naked eye we need to be looking at things with our spiritual eyes. When we look at things with our spiritual eyes it will bring forth faith and assurance of God's promise for our lives.

I wrote a piece about a month ago entitled "Because I Could Not See The Vision."   It talks about how life seems to appear when we lose sight and begin to doubt that God can do all things.  Therefore, our vision is usually impaired by our lack of faith.  Hebrews 11:1 says, "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the convictions of things not seen."  We have to believe that we can even when everything is telling us that we can't.  But more importantly, we need to believe and know that God can regardless of how the circumstances may look.

The piece then starts showing what life can be "when you finally see the vision" and how our vision and faith grows when we finally allow it to.  We can accomplish and achieve so much when we allow God into our lives and trust and believe in him.  Romans 10:17 says," So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."  The more we study the word of God, the more our faith in him grows.  And the more our faith grows, so does our belief that we can, are and will be.  And once we have established that vision, we are unstoppable.  Because Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fitness Friday

Work outs -
As you can tell from my posts, my workouts vary from day to day and by the week.  I kind of try and get it in where I can. 
- 5 miles in this week
-mini arm workout -20 curls, 20 bicep curls, 20 lateral raises (3x) twice this week
-2nd workout (2x this week) - 50 jumping jacks, 50 side lunges, 30 front lunges, 50 squats, 30 punches w/ weights,  using a dumbbell and hold over head and swing it down between legs into a squat and swinging back up without stopping,( saw on YouTube) 50 of these,  hold weights up to chest and twist increasing speed (biggest loser) 30 seconds, hold dumbbells at side and lean into each side like reaching toes, 30 seconds

Eating -
I fell off a little bit with eating this week.  I should have known once I really started adding more food back to my diet.  The first part of the week was like whoa... food!  I think I got too excited.  Not that I was eating a bunch of junk, but eating too much.  However,  I also fell off because they were times I was hardly eating anything at all.

 I started developing a sinus infection around Sunday afternoon and by Tuesday, I felt like I wasn't going to make it.  I've been eating mostly soup but have now regained some sort of appetite.  Needless to say I didn't want to workout, eat or move at all.  But I tried.

Day 1 of Fitness Friday
Day 43 ( 1 month -12 days)I think

(not a good picture.  My other half wasn't at home and I had to get my daughter to stand on top of the sofa to get most of me in the picture)
I'm excited for Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition to begin.  That always adds more motivation.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

If it's one thing that I can't stand, it's a spider or any bug for that matter.  Four legs, six legs, and oh God eight, crawiling, flying, biting, hiding.  No.  We are not friends.  I do not want anything to do with you.  None at all.  And then there are shows like Antz, A Bug's Life, and Mrs. Spider's Sunny Patch trying to decieve us and pretend that bugs are cute and cuddly and can be our friends.  I think not.  That is some kind of foolish trickery and they won't decieve me.  There's a discerning spirit on board here. 

I've seen Eight Legged Freaks.  I don't know why.  What in the world would posses me to watch a movie about something I'm clearly terrified of only to leave shaking and traumatized?  I swear I was never the same after that.  I mean really, I couldn't even teach a class on it for my kindergarten student teaching lesson.  I had to have the lesson changed.  Nevermind the fact that my clinical supervisor could have written me up, or that my university supervisor could have easily failed me.  I just couldn't do it, wouldn't do.  Seriously, the picture of the thing was the size of half the wall and even worse it had hair on it.  The worse kind!

Well, enough background information.  Let me just tell you what happened. 

The other day, I was sitting on the sofa minding my own business.  I was relaxed and feeling ok while doing something on the computer.  Caleb was asleep, Aj was doing homework, and Cate was in the bathroom.  For the moment, it was peaceful....For the moment. 

Then Cate, with her usually jolly self, came waltzing out of the bathroom through the living area where I sat.  She smiled happily and looked at me.  But then, her gaze shifted.  It went next to me by the wall.  She stuck her finger out and pointed mouth open.  S.. S..SP...SP..SP...

What is it Cate?  Her eyes grew wider.  S..SP...SP...It was like watching Shaggy and Scooby Do stuttering and stumbling over each other when they had seen a ghost.  I'm still completely oblivious to what she is saying.  Then, she yelled "SPIDER!"


I felt like everything was happeining in slow motion.  I turned my head afraid to look.  Afraid of what might be looking at me.  Oh, God.  Where is it?  How big is it?  I turned around and there it was.  A BLACK SPIDER the size of a WATERMELON!  Okay, really it was more like a dime, but who cares.  It was a spider and it was there. 

Oh, Lord help me!  Fear not, you say?  How many times is it referenced in the Bible?  Three hundred ....ummmm.   Sooo not the case.  I'm sure my eyes shot up to twice the size of golf balls and my face had turned into some distorted form of a jack-o-lantern. I whipped back around.  It was like the scenes in the movies where something not good was about to happen and the person turns around and yells at everyone in slowed down speed:  RRRRUUUUUNNNN!  But I'm not sure if it came out.  I don't know what came out or if anything came out at all.  However, I think there was a flailing around motion with the hands.   All I know is that Cate struck out.  I'm not sure if she was running from me or the spider but I was right behind her.  Only stopping when I reached the kitchen to perform some spasmatic rendition of the Harlem Shake.  I knew it was still on the wall but I had to be for sure for sure.

I searched frantically for bug spray.  A can of Raid.  I didn't know if it was going to work.  I braced myself.  I prayed.  I didn't know what to do.   I had to get close enough to spray it and stay back far enough that it couldn't reach me.   I was almost on my tiptoes.  I didn't want it to hear me.  It started moving.

HOLY CRAP!!  It's the hopping kind.  Lord,  Jesus, I started praying harder.  I had to act fast before it got away.  It was bad enough there was a spider but Hell was sure to break lose if we lost a spider.  My stomach had some sickening feeling in it that had risen up and reached my facial espression.  I held the bottle up and sprayed.  Near half the can.  It fell.  Alrighty now, victory is mine.  I'm feeling a little bit more confortable.  But then it hopped back on the wall. 

What the....!!!  I sprayed some more.  I had flip flops on so I wasn't about to step on it.  Too close in contact.  Well after more spray, a book, a magazine, and a shoe later, I had finally won that battle.  Now all I had to do was wait until the undertaker came home from work to clean this mess up.   Yep.  Dead or Alive.  There's still a spider there. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Coupon Haul

Maybe one day I will struggle and strain down the grocery store aisle pushing a two ton shopping cart overflowing with enough food and products to end world hunger.  Maybe I'll unload all my precious cargo onto a two short conveyor belt and hand over a bucket of coupons to a disgruntled and "oh, why did you have to come to my line?" cashier.  Maybe I'll even happily exit the store with a wallet intact from only paying $4.39 for $1500.00 worth of groceries.  Maybe one day, but not today or this weekend.  But here's what did happen.

 Tip - Leave husband at home.  Dollar General Trip -  Buy Stayfree and get a carefree free.  Had 2 $1 coupons for stayfree.  VanCamp's 5 for $3 - had 3 $.35 coupons. Husband threw in bandaids and duck tape for an extra 4.50.  I would have only paid a little over $5. 
total - 10.21
Bi -Lo Trip - Special K - 2/$5 - 2 $.70 coupons, tissue 3.99 - $1 coupon, juice $3- $1 coupon, zest $2- $1 coupon, hormel complete 3 for $9 - $1 coupon off each, Ice cream BOGO -$1 coupon off each, Cream cheese $2- $1 coupon, shaving cream - $2- .70 coupon, dryer sheets 2.99- $1 coupon, toothpaste BOGO- no coupons
All of the prices listed on both pictures are before the coupons are taken off.
 Just realized the picture cut off the total -Total paid 23.94
Hopefully the money saved from couponing and my other tactics will get us quicker out of this debt dungeon in about 3 years.  Most of it, anyway.  The quicker, the better.   
The enemy seems to be hell bent on making us stagnant, but I bind up all those spirits in the name of Jesus and I decree that we will be prosperous in every aspect of this life! 
Happy Couponing!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fitness Friday


Only 2.5 miles this week.  Not happy about it.  I've been on the go most of it.

I've found myself doing random sets of 50 squats and jumping jacks throughout the days due to guilt from my lack of time.

I helped mama move and unpack for two days.  Can I count that?

Did this mini workout three times this week.


I've been adding back more food to my diet.  (I'm actually eating more of the food that I'm cooking.)   In the beginning, I tried to eat only soups, salads, fruits and veggies to "jump start" my fitness journey.   However, these last two weeks I've been adding more food.  So I won't be posting whole lists from now on.  Is anybody relieved? 

I've been good about not snacking AND eating off my tot's plate. I only had a few slip ups. My sweet tooth mouth is still there.  I tried to find sweet snacks or add some slightly sweet but slightly healthy food like peanut butter and Nutella.  Surprisingly, I haven't eaten any this week though.  I did eat a cookies and creme bar, but gave each child a row so I didn't eat it all.

I am noticing maybe a little bit of a slimmer fit in my jeans.  There is usually no need for a belt but I have been wearing one lately and it's not for fashion purposes.  I haven't been back on a scale.  I actually don't own one.  I'm afraid I'll become obsessed with a number.  You know how you weigh yourself before you workout, then after the workout, then during the day, and probably before you go to bed?  Okay maybe that was just me.

I should have posted some pics by now.  I started with a "1st day pic" and then forgot to take a 1st month pic.  It's probably around day 40 or so now.  I haven't added it up, but I may still post the pic. I don't like those random numbers like that, though - Day 1, Day 45, Day 63. lol.

How many days do you have to do something before it becomes a habit?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Curious Mind

Dear God,

Thank you for blessing me with truly brilliant children.  They are awesome,  always curious and eager to learn.  And they are constantly full of questions.  They clearly are taking that "you have not because you ask not" scripture out of context, right?  Last night on the way home from Bible Study, AJ asked me a question.  A good question.  A question that he obviously had been wondering about for while.  Oh, God.   Whenever he's trying to keep from falling asleep in the car, he always puts his "thinking cap" on.  Why can't he just go to sleep like normal children?  Half of the time his questions usually leave me in deep thought, confused or in an "Oh My Lord" state as I'm searching for an answer. 

"Mama, How did slavery start if Jesus was around?"
How do you answer that?  What was the answer?  I fumbled that ball all the way home until he fell asleep.  (We didn't get home until 10:30.)  I told him I didn't know.  Nothing wrong with being honest.  I threw around a couple of possibilities, but it's not like I actually knew.  Apparently, I'm not smarter than a 5th grader.  He's really going to be something one day.  I can't wait to see where that mind of his takes him.
So God, thank you for blessing me with such inquisitive young minds but, if you could, please bless me with some answers to go with them.  That would be nice.
Sincerely Miranda
PS:  I'd also like to thank you for the brilliant mind of Shonda Rhimes because I can't wait to see what happens on Scandal tonight! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hood Chick Barbie?

Okay God, I know we are not supposed to judge, but that's with other people right?  Because this  black barbie that I happened to stumble across on the Internet needs a thorough inspection. 

Is this supposed to be the portrayal of a black woman? 
Maybe it is.  When you turn on the tv, does this not look like some of the black celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, or Nicki Manaj?  These celebs seem to have more followers than Jesus.  So someone decided to create that "representation" of the black woman likely hoping that all their fans would possibly flock to it and they would make money.
This doll has blond hair, gold chains (bling-bling), cleavage overload (making me self-conscious), and are those Louis Vuitton bags?  Would you give that to a child?  By not giving it to a child, does it teach them to discriminate and judge others who do look this way?  Does it fashionably represent creativity and urban culture or does it defame and sexualize women? 
But then look at barbies in general.  They are stick thin, they wear too short clothes and they're all flawless.  But it really doesn't matter what they wear, does it?  I've never seen a doll in a kid's room that wasn't stripped of it's clothes and thrown around the room.  I still don't understand that.  "Caitlyn, Barbie needs on clothes!" 
I wonder if my daughter would want a doll like this.  We could always stick it in a business suit.  My first impression of this doll was "What in the World?!?! That hoodrat lookiing, love and hip hop looking, black doll is supposed to be a role model for my child.....No Way in...
And then I had to change my reaction.  This doll does represent some people and somebody identifies with it.  Judging the doll by the outside might lead a child to not get to know people on the inside.  How we react is also a learning/teaching experience.  I probably still wouldn't buy the doll if it ever hit stores but I'd watch my reaction to it so my kids won't react to the real life "barbies" that look this way.
I wonder if this would be "coming to a store near you."  Probably not, but I have seen a toned down, different version in a particular store.
What do you think of this doll?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Car-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Caleb's birthday was this past Saturday and we tried to throw him an itty bitty party with a few other 2 years olds.  Here are a few simple, inexpensive ideas that we did for his 2nd birthday.. 

Pin The Tire Game
Made a felt car with wheels. I was hoping the kids could tell it was a car.
Where is the car game?
Hide a car or two under the cones and have the kids find them.

Car Painting
I printed cars coloring sheets, glued them on construction paper (to make a frame look) and let the kids paint with cars. I used a pan for easy clean up.

Make traffic lights out of raisin and oatmeal boxes for decoration.
We opted for cupcakes instead of a cake.  We always end up throwing the extra away.  I arranged them in a number two.
I saved a few aluminum cans for decoration,stuffed with leftover styrofoam, wrapped with tissue paper, and stuck a flag in.
Treat bags are donuts, a party blower, small trophy, and a few pieces of candy.  Thanks for a tirerrific time!

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Fitness Friday

Well, I've got some catching up to do.  I actually did not forget about this post last week but I did forget where I put my food/workout journal.  It ended up being in the laptop bag.  I don't know why I didn't think to look there.

Last week- Working Out

This was actually a good week despite the fact that I was rarely home and we had revival at church for 3 nights
- walked/ran 5 miles for week

I also started doing this DVD 4 times this wk.  You will really sweat like a biggest loser.  I usually quit part way through the cool down.  I'm tired and it takes too long. ( I'm out of breathe and about to die) I do my own version.

Food I'm been doing good

Breakfast-eggs and fruit/cereal and fruit/

Snack - fruits/veggies/pb cookies/fruit snacks

Lunch -salads/soups/sandwiches/fruits/veggies/special k snacks

Snack -cereal/special k snacks/ fruit and veggies/fruit snacks/cashews
*One day I believe I was going through sugar withdrawal symptoms.  I ate two bowls of Trix cereal and a pack of fruit snacks.

Dinner -soups/salads/baked fish, chicken/corn/broccoli/chicken strips/veggies/fruit
*Tuesday I cooked a roast and mashed potatoes and I ate a roast and mashed potatoes.

Vocabulary -
Mom * Diet
An activity that involves slaving over a stove cooking large amounts of food for family members with no intentions of eating half of it yourself.

This week - Working Out

Bad week - I only worked out twice. One was this DVD.
Most likely an unhealthy combination of medication and laziness. (I I took my last pill yesterday)

Next week I'm sure I will do better.

Lord help me. I bought a jar of Nutella for the first time!  Sinfully delicious!
Wherever you see crackers just insert Nutella with it.  And there were a couple of times during the week where a spoon was involved.


Snack -crackers/raisins/nuts/fruit/veggies/sandwiches/special k snacks

Lunch -soup/sandwiches/crackers/fruit/lean meat/

Snack -crackers/cereal/fruit/cheese/sandwiches/fruit snacks

Dinner -shrimp w/ rice/ chicken w rice/soup//veggies/crackers/chicken strips

I have no idea why sometimes I list out fruits and veggies and then sometimes I just write fruits and veggies.  Bare with me, please.

Also, I drink water with all my meals.  I can always cheat with water flavors.  I hardly ever drink soda.

I did notice when I went to the doctor last week, I had lost 3lbs!  That's progress!  If I don't stop with that Nutella though, I might just gain it back.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Caleb's Turning Two

We are about to have a two year old in the house!  My little bean is sprouting and trying to grow up on me.  Here's a look at my love bug through his tiny little years.

Baby Caleb made his big arrival - 1 day before induction
Sleeping soundly
3 months - Hey Mama!
4 months - Just can't resist taking pics!
5 months - He started out laying on top of this and got stuck in it rolling around.
10 months- I've got this walking thing down.
11 months - Posing with big brother at the Old Train Depot downtown.

1 year old! -Party day - Didn't want to come in the house for 10 seconds so I could change his diaper.
14 months - Co-starring in Elementary School Musical
17 months - new hangout spot- the dryer

18 months- playing in the leaves .
20 month old -Is it time for story time, yet?  Waiting to go to the library.
23months -  Art at grandma's
23 months - Hiding from Cate with big brother on the playground.
Happy Birthday to my little sprout!  Looking forward to the terrible/terrific twos.  You know it's always a little bit of both but I couldn't image life without it.