Friday, August 30, 2013

Fitness Friday -Singing " The Struggle Is Over"

It sure was a struggle. Okay, more like a fight trying to get through this squat challenge. I was fighting with myself trying not to quit. Lord knows I wanted to go sit down and I did sometimes- to catch my breath, to talk myself out of it, to sit there looking crazy at the floor like it had done something to me other than hold me up. Lol

The first two weeks didn't seem that bad, even though I was playing catch up the majority of it. I guess I was motivated and up for the challenge. However, that third week, I was like Lord help me. Why did I sign up for this? I had suprised myself though by getting up to 120 squats without taking a break but sometimes I was taking a break at 50. Just standing there. Thinking about quitting. Looking for somebody to show me some pity, looking for the hubs to say, "You can stop. You did enough." Anything to justify me quitting.

But then, Caleb starting trying to squat with me and Cate would try and join in every blue moon. Talk about setting an example. AJ never joined but every now and then I would see him looking. I kept going. I probably could have got away with quitting, though.

Well today is the last day -250 squats. I'll stop to catch my breath and complain how bad I'm hurting probably about 20 times. Maybe 15. But I can say I made it. However, I will probably never, ever, ever, EVER do this challenge again!
Have a great Labor Day Weekend!