Friday, February 22, 2013

Feeding The Birds

Yesterday evening the kids wanted to sprinkle bird seeds on the ground for the birds. We went outside and sprinkled them all over the ground and left a few small piles in places. We were hoping some birds would stop by in the morning before school and they would get to see them. When morning came, we didn't see any birds but the kids examined the piles before getting in the car. After dropping the kids off at school, we headed home but not before an emergency potty break at the local fast food resturaunt. Upon getting out of the car, Caleb noticed a bird at one of the piles of bird seeds. I hate that the other two were missing it; however, Caleb was amazed. He likes birds but he is very cautious because they move too fast and scare him. As we got closer, the bird started to fly onto parts of the house. Then, the cutest thing happened. Caleb was standing in the yard with his hands stretched out together saying. "Mone bud, Mone. Mone, Eat." He had the sweetest little expression on his face pleading with the bird to come back. He watched it flutter across the house and fly away before he was ready to come inside. I wish I had had the camera for that one.