Sunday, September 22, 2013

Do You Need An Upgrade?

If you look around, almost everything created has an upgraded version.  Televisions, game systems, computers, programs and software, and cell phones all have some upgraded version.  The purpose of the newer version is that it is supposed to be better, likely run faster, smoother, or be easier to operate or maintain. 

The definition of upgrade is to raise to a higher standard, in particular by adding or replacing components to the existing version.  My question is, "Do we need an upgrade?"  Are there some things that we need to remove and/or replace in ourselves so we can raise ourselves to a higher standard?  Maybe we need an upgrade in our attitude. Are we walking around always negative, expecting bad things to happen all the time? If so, we might need an upgrade. What about in our relationships with others? Are we in relationships that are healthy, positive, and fruitful? It may be time to remove yourself from some of these relationships and work on an improvement or rather add something to it to make it better. Sometimes our visions need to be upgraded. We can't always see past what's in front of us.  Enlarge your vision in spite of your circumstances.  Due to different circumstances in our lives, we might need to add or change parts of our vision.  Not that it won't come to pass, it might just take you a little longer to get there.  What about an upgrade in our praise and in our faith? What can I add or remove to make my faith and praise a higher quality, to raise it to a higher standard. To show up and show out for God. You may need to add more prayer and praise and remove the doubt and the fear.

God made us in a version but sometimes we need an upgrade so we can fully function and operate to the best of our ability. We need to raise the standard in our lives.  Maybe we need to let go and remove some things in our lives and maybe we need to add a few things that were missing.  It may come at a cost- friendships, family, pride or ego but maybe we'll find that the upgrade was worth it in the end.

Consult with God to see if there are some things in you that need to be upgraded.  Pray about it and then there's nothing left but to do it.