Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Toddlertivities: Nursey Rhymes

We've been working on nursery rhymes for the past two weeks. Regardless how evil I just realized "Rock-a-bye- baby is, I still love nursery rhymes. However, they were some days we didn't learn a tisket or a tasket because mama was tired. Here are a few of the ones we picked.

The Five Little Monkeys

I traced some monkey figures we had for this one.

The Wheels On The Bus

We painted a bus, cut out people from magazines and sales ads, and glued them on along with wheels.

This Little Piggy

Three different size circles and fingerprints for the eyes and nostrils.

Mary Had A Little Lamb

We traced his hand then added cotton balls.

The Ittsy Bitsy Spider

The most terrifying craft of all. Lol. We used two circles and glued strips on the back.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Rattling up the foil was the most fun in this activity. Shiny stars in the night sky.

Then we painted one.

Humpty Dumpty
We decided to do an egg drop for this one. So here's Humpty.
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This is Humpty #2. Our 1st one was in a minor accident and suffered emotional and physical trauma by the hands of Caleb. Needless to say, this is why #2 looks so frazzled. That and the fact that he knew once he had broken up, he'd be lunch. Lol

We positioned Humpty over the basket and tipped him over. And made it. I let Caleb keep tipping it over until he was good and broken up. I gave him the first one and the basket to let him do it on his own and the little scientist came out. He was moving and repositioning the egg and basket trying to make them align. Smart little booger. ( We used hard boiled eggs unlike last time - big mess and no breakfast. The kids did this for school once and we also did it home with uncooked eggs. We went through a carton)

We sung, read books and watched YouTube videos for the nursery rhymes.
He really likes This Little Piggy.