Wednesday, September 11, 2013

10 Lepers Bible Activity

One week Bible Study was cancelled at church and since Caleb and I were already doing Bible Stories, we decided to do one that night. I wanted to start out reading the story but, out of the almost 15 different Bibles in the house, I couldn't find the one I wanted to use. It was the Beginners Bible but Cate said she must have left it at church. So I ended up telling them the story first. I used foam and star stickers as our fake leprosy and stuck them up explaining how contagious it was.

Then, we watched a few videos on YouTube. I had previously stumbled across the lego Bible on YouTube and found a video for the 10 lepers. AJ thought that was the coolest thing ever. So of course, we ended up re-creating the story.

And then this is the little craft Caleb and I did earlier in the day.

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I traced his hands and turned them into people on a folded piece of construction paper. Then opened it up and traced one finger.

This is a simple easy activity to do at home or church. One tip though, never answer your door forgetting that you, too, had fallen victim to leprosy. I'm pretty sure whenever my husband appears tired or stressed out his business partner will have this wild image of a spotted crazy lazy appear in his head.