Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Fall Yall!

I absolutely love Fall!   It is my favorite season out of the year.  Everything about Fall just gets me all excited, not to mention it just seems like automatic snuggle time!

Nature is just soooo gorgeous this time of year.

I would like to think it's the kids too because we do a lot more being that it's not so hot.

The weather is just perfect and I swear we could stay outside all day.  I can feel the temperatures falling.

Of course, the leaves are just gorgeous and it's just so much fun to play in them.

And then there's Halloween!  Zorro, a princess and a little dragon that refused to wear a costume
 Caleb's first Halloween as a turtle and Miss Super girl


We get to run wild and free without sweating.

The love bugs




Fall Festivals!

I love it!  I've already pulled out all of my Fall decorations and am planning things to do with the kids. 
Are you excited about Fall?