Monday, July 8, 2013

One Month of Natural Hair and How I'm Maintaining It

I am completely having a ball with this natural hair thing.  I would have never thought that I would like my hair so much.  I believe I've developed an unnatural unhealthy obsession... or addiction. lol.

My hands are a huge problem.  I have a horrible time keeping my hands out of my hair.  I mean horrible.  I'm always picking, pulling, touching:  "Is it mine?  Did I really chop my hair off?  I can't believe it!  It looks so good!" and so on and so on. 
It'll be in my hands soon if I'm not careful.
Me and my froot loop sister, always a character.  Just refuses to take a picture.
My husband and I have long joked over whose eyes are the biggest between us.  I think we have a winner here.  Haha. 
I've always been one to take pictures of everyone and not really have my picture taken that much.  I'm also not one of those people that can hold their cell out and take some perfect self portrait.  However, since I've chopped, I find myself sticking that arm out more and more.  Say cheese!
And again. 
First attempt at a fro hawk.  I did this on Thursday and still have it in today. 
I used to read all these stories of people saying how free they felt after chopping their hair off and I was like hmmm...yeah right.  I constantly chopped my hair while relaxed and it didn't bother me and even had it cut in a very short style about 3 years ago.  However, I didn't think doing this big chop to natural was going to be some liberating experience. 
I was wrong.  It is completely!
What I'm using on my hair
-Extra virgin olive oil
-organic coconut oil
-Castor oil
-Shea moisture/Cantu Shea butter/ Cantu curling cream
-As I am leave in conditioner
-Palmer's olive oil conditioner- co-wash
-apple cider vinegar/water mix for washing
I think that is about it.  The kids and I pretty much use the same products as they were natural long before I joined the club.  I've been using all of these products on their hair.  I'll admit I used to be a product junkie with Caitlyn but I'm really trying not to be one now.  I really don't want to go broke buying products.  Some of these natural hair products are ridiculously expensive.  I'd rather go to the kitchen.
There are the three different products listed in a row above but they are not all used.  I had some Shea moisture left so I was using that but I'll admit I don't like it that much.  I had already paid for that jar so we were going to use that stuff up.  I stopped using it on Caitlyn's hair, though.  Her hair just did not like it at all. Hence the other two Cantu products listed above. It works pretty well with my hair though. The Cantu curling cream was bought at the last minute because I couldn't find our usual Cantu Shea butter.  I was annoyed and just grabbed it hoping it wouldn't be that different.  I do like it. It makes the hair very soft.  I've always liked Cantu Shea butter.  This is just a staple product in our house.  It works well on all of us. 
I've always experimented with mixing products even with relaxed hair.  Not that I know what I'm doing of course.  I'll pretend I'm a mad scientist.  Trial and error. lol.  I've been mixing the oils together to put on our hair and I've also been mixing the As I Am leave-in with a little curling cream, olive oil and coconut oil and applying it after washing. 
 So far, I'm having fun with this new look and I'm looking forward to the rest of the journey.
You can also check out pics of my Natural Hair Journey here and read What I'm Learning About Natural Hair as I struggled through the transitioning process.
Thanks for reading!