Friday, July 26, 2013

Fitness Friday - Flopped

Maybe it's the fact that school's starting next week, maybe it's the fact that I'm not sleeping at night, or maybe I've just gotten a little comfortable with that weight loss and decided to take a break.  Whatever the reason, I just haven't done anything this week, at all. 

Well, I did sit on the sofa and lift 5lb dumbbells all of 5 seconds before I dropped them.  I'm just lacking a little something.  No doubt energy from not sleeping.  It is currently 3:06a.m.  I just can't sleep but I'm tired.  Not to mention that I just saw the biggest cockroach I've ever seen in my life on the wall.  I was nearly in tears.  Rapid heartbeat, fear, and near hyperventilation was about to put me in cardiac arrest.   We live in the country so every blue moon we get a VERY unwelcome visitor.  I managed to baptize it in half a bottle of Lysol, and the wall, and the table, and my husband's trophies.  Whatever.  As long as it doesn't move.

Anyway, I should resume with my journey hopefully next week.  When the kids go back to school, I will start going back to the track in the mornings.  I do miss going and I wouldn't dare try to take them all and go around it.  I'm not completely crazy.   I do have some exciting news though.  A friend and I were discussing doing our first 5k this year!  I am super excited.  I used to have this crazy fear of doing one because surely I would be the last one to cross the finish line likely gasping for air.  I've decided to not let fear be a hindrance to what I can accomplish... while working out or in life.  Fear can hold us back from doing so many things because we don't believe enough in ourselves that we can.  I've made up my mind.  I'm going to do it.... among other things.  I will conquer that fear and I will conquer that track.  Then, the conquered shall submit to me.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!  Now, I'm off to bed.