Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Funzone

On Tuesday, we were off to the dentist to get some cavities filled.  I wasn't exactly thrilled because it was going to cost near $400 to fill three cavities that Caitlyn had.  It was just too close to school to spend that much money.  However, after some reexamining by the dentist, he decided not to bother them because they will likely fall out soon.  He said unless, they were bothering her, he would just leave them alone. 

Yall, I was shouting!  I had to give God praise because I didn't have $400 to start with.   I sure didn't want to spend it on teeth... especially at the start of the school year.   This was a huge budget buster!  All I could say was, "Thank you, Lord!"

So I decided we would go the fun zone center to celebrate.  We almost got lost trying to find it but we ended up in the right place.  We decided to attempt our best Tiger Woods impressions and play a game of golf, first.

The kids were thrilled.
I'm not sure if Caleb was getting his golf swing or his batter's swing ready.  Eventually he decided his foot and hands would work just as well to get the ball in the holes.  Aj acted like he was a pro.  He left all of us.
The little men are shooting some hoops.
We played a few games and it was so hard to get some good pictures.  I really need want a new camera.
Then, we stopped to eat and saw this guy to wrap up the day.
Thank God for that blessing.