Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I've Made It To Another Birthday

Well, it happened.  God blessed me with another year.  I've made it to 29, not without a couple of scratches and bruises but I made it.  The hub's birthday was also on Saturday.  The kids had choir practice that morning so we had a mini party for the hubby that night.  After going to the store twice and changing my mind about making cupcake, we ending up making an apple pie that we topped off with ice cream.

I wish I had a candle to put on top.
It was delicious.  The hubs was like, "You only made one?"  Hey, I'm still trying to get in shape over here.  One was enough.
Three days later, my birthday rolled around.  Miss Cate was like, "but we just had a birthday."  Somehow, every year we throw her for a loop with our birthdays.  It's like they're just not supposed to be that close together.
This year I had plans for my birthday, though - real plans.  They were to pan out like this.
No cooking, no cleaning, no nothing. Then before I could open my eyes for the morning, I heard loud bickering, arguing voices reminding me that I had children.  Oh, well.  A girl could dream.

And then it was a soggy, pouring raining day.  My kind of lazy day... until I realized I had an expired license and needed to head to the DMV.  Why didn't I do this earlier?

Caleb was quite the entertainment in the building.  He decided to let everyone know that Yes, Jesus did love him. Oh and in case you didn't hear him, he wanted to stand right in front of your chair on the parts that said, "YES!, Jesus loves me!"  I think everyone enjoyed the performance.  He even got a round of applause.

After 2 hours of the computers being down, likely from the weather, leaving and going to the grocery store and returning, and a toddler having a meltdown because nap was over due, we got our mug shot picture made.  By the time we left, it was raining again and we decided to make a run for it.  We laughed and screamed all the way to the car.  I didn't even care that my hair was wet. (one of the good things about being natural)

The hubs had to work on my birthday so we'll likely celebrate this coming weekend for both our birthdays.  I'll just pretend some of the fireworks for the fourth are for us. 

In the meantime, I think I'm going create a bucket list for 29. That should be pretty interesting.