Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why I'm Excited and Not So Excited About School Starting

There are so many things going through my mind as school approaches.  A lot.  From everything that I need to do to get the kids and I ready and everything that is likely to come with this new school year.  It's exciting, overwhelming and to some degree terrifying. 

The reasons I'm excited are easy.

1.  For one, the kids are out of the house!  Well, two of them anyway.  No more whining, complaining, arguing or I'm bored antics at 6 in the morning.  Yes, they are up this early almost every day.  They should have a job getting up this early but I'll settle for school.

2.  The pictures will stop falling off the walls. 

Notice the arrows.  Empty spots where pictures once hung.  And this is just one wall in one room in the house.  I haven't even bothered to put them back up, yet.  Among others.

3.  No one will be arguing over what to watch on tv!

Or some other combination that is likely to drive me mad.  Take turns or turn it off!

4.  Caleb and I can finally get back on some kind of a schedule. 
Summer has been exhausting.  Fun but completely draining and exhausting.  I need a nap.

What I'm NOT so excited about

1.  Getting my time management skills in perfect order!

2.  Getting up early and actually having to leave the house

3.  AJ's going to MIDDLE SCHOOL and Cate is going to the THIRD GRADE! It's so beautiful, amazing, scary and wonderful, and terrifying to watch them grow.

4.  Middle School Kids.  Are we entering into the gates of "Ahhh!"...where kids are all "I hate you", "Leave me alone" while exhibiting all of their hormonal/ frat boy type behavior. 

4.  Kids in general.  Let's face it kids are so not kids anymore and some are just plain mean.
5.  The carpool line. 
The mornings are horrid.  People running late (me), pajama clad parents, people cutting you off, little jimmy taking 10 minutes to get all his stuff out the car, people "catching up" on life while the line is backed up a mile down the road.  Helllloooo!  And I won't even start on the afternoons.  My car just might shut off from the wait.
6.  The meltdown from the backseat when we drop the kids off.
This happens about half the time.  Some times we have good days but then they are days where there is nothing in the world that will appease that beautiful ball of fury.
Well, I think I've gotten it all out. I don't have a choice but to jump on board or get left behind.   Of course, it is the beginning of the year.  Everything will start out great until around March.  Then, we're like doing whatever just to get cross the finish line.  Just put the thing in the thing and let's go. 
I'm hoping for the best and it's going to be a great year.  It's going to be a great year.  It is going to be a great year.  Speaking it into existence....
You fail to plan.  You plan to fail.   
And just in case the drama bubble is breached
HAHA!  You know you laughed!