Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Bucket List for 29

Well it happened.  God blessed me with another year of life (last month) and I plan on making it amazing. Another year that I'll have to think when someone asks me how old I am, because surely it's just too much to keep up with with everything else. 

I'll soon be at the big 3-0. 
You know how some people have this list of things that you should achieve or have by 30...well, I don't.  I did however come up with a list of things I would like to do this year at 29.

It took me a long time to even come up with this partial list. Of course, if you ask me about things, goals, etc for the kids, I'd come up with a billion things. This also kind of made me question if I had lost a "sense of self" since becoming mom. I guess that's something to think about.
These are a few goals, projects, activities or things I am going to do, hopefully, this year.  In no particular order.

1.  Get fit!   This is already a work in progress so it should be attainable as long as I don't quit.

2.  Read my Bible cover to cover.  I read my Bible, study, refer to scriptures but I've never read it cover to cover.  Every time I start, I end up starting over and over until I'm reading the parts I've already read again and again.  I heard there is a plan to do it in a year but I'm currently not following one. Just reading. I'd also not like to draw blank when someone is talking about a part I haven't read, yet.

3.  Volunteer more. I used to volunteer a lot. The schools, Boys and Girls Club, and churches but I've been more restricted since having Caleb who is usually clinging to me with a death grip. Hopefully, I can do more. " We are helpers one to another!"

4.  Complete a diy or sewing project at least once a month. Try to, anyway.   I really love to be creative and "invent" things but it's taken a back seat to life.  I am not by any means a seamstress but I do love to "play" on my sewing machine and am trying to learn to do more.  I usually don't have time to do so often but I really like to create projects.  Alone.  Without having to teach the kids how to "sore." I think it also serves as a stress reliever.

5.  Publish a poem.  I've been writing since forever and starting keeping my work around age 14.   One day I hope to publish one even if it's just in a local newspaper. "I am a writer perhaps because I am not a talker." - Gwendolyn Brooks

6.  Complete a 5k.  I've always been too chicken.  I'd hate to be the only one dying not long after leaving the starting line.

7.  Throw a GROWN UP party. I love to decorate and come up with ideas when I can manage the time and I've always wanted to host a dinner, brunch, party, etc that wasn't kid centered. This is also a step for me to break out of my shyness that's very borderline anti-social. Lol

Well, this is just a few for the year but I'm sure as the year comes to an end, the list will get longer. I'll think of things that I should have added, need to add and probably will add. I have a ton of goals I want to eventually do in the long run but trying to decide on the now was hard.

My list of financial goals are a book thick. Literally. I even tear out money makeover stories from Money magazine and store them in our finance notebook along with any savings, tips or advice. I've honestly wanted to chronicle our money makeover story about 2 months after starting this blog, but the hubs was like too much information. Maybe one day he'll come around and it'll be our testimony.

Have you made any goals for the year?