Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Noah's Ark Crafts

Last week after being trapped in the house again with so much rain, I changed our Bible Story from Jonah and whale to Noah's Ark.  Besides I was beginning to feel like I was trapped with a bunch of wild animals.  LOL!

First we read the story of Noah's Ark from our Beginner's Bible.  This is the one we have but our front cover is gone. 

Then I searched YouTube for videos but none of them are ever completely true.  We did watch one but it showed people mocking Noah for building the ark but Noah building the ark was a covenant between he and God.  I couldn't get it to pull for you guys though.

  We found a picture of a boat, printed it out and colored it brown.  Then cut pictures of animals out of a magazine and glued them on the boat.  If you can see those dots all over the paper, we tried to do fingerprint raindrops.
 We made another boat a few days later.
Paper Plate Boat:  We took a paper plate and cut it in half then stapled it together.  We didn't staple it exactly even so it would have a little pooch in the front.  Next, we cut out rectangles one bigger than the other ( out of a paper plate) to glue onto the front.  I flipped it over and taped the back just for extra security.
Cate decided to help Caleb glue them together since he decided to play with the blocks.  She didn't want to make one herself.
I punched two holes in the top and added ribbon and it wouldn't be an ark if we didn't add some animals.