Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Teething Pains and Amber Teething Necklaces

For as long as the twins have been teething, we have tried to find a solution to help ease the pain of it.  Teething is already sometimes a rough period, but two teething babies can be a nightmare.  Cameron was also more irritated from the teething than Cason was.  He also got his bottom pegs before Cason and his top two are already coming down now.  To ease the teething pains, we tried regular teething rings from the store and chilled them, but they didn't care for those.  They would occasionally suck on a chilled baby washcloth though.

Then, I heard about these amber teething necklaces.  Amber supposedly contains a "natural analgesic" ( succinic acid) that is absorbed through the skin to relieve pain.  These are not the teething necklaces that are chewable as I initially thought they were.  They are only to be worn and they should be short enough that the baby cannot pull on.  Now, I admit that I am also a bit skeptical of anything claiming to do anything.  I never just accept the idea regardless of who it comes from although I do take into consideration other people's opinions when trying to form my own. So, I decided to test them out.  Mostly, because Cameron seemed to be having the most pain from the teething.  So I looked on Amazon and ordered two.  They were about $15 each.

Now one thing is for sure.  They look absolutely adorable with the little necklaces on. Mr. Cameron has backed himself under the ottoman here.

About three days after I ordered them and the twins were wearing them, I was asked if they work.  Well, in my opinion three days wasn't enough time to make that kind of assessment especially when we were constantly on the go and I wasn't truly paying enough attention.  We have had the necklaces now for about 3 weeks and I can say that I have noticed some differences in behavior from Cameron.

Cason (left)  Cameron (right)

Cameron used to scream a LOT when his teeth were bothering him.  You would see him frantically trying to shove something in his mouth to bite on while crying.  What I noticed was he's still shoving things in his mouth to chew on, but he is no longer screaming and crying when he does (for the most part). I did notice him crying a little a few days ago as he was showing a bib in his mouth.  One of his top two is just breaking the gums.  He also used to cry and pull on his ear and dig in it.  He is no longer crying during that either and he doesn't bother his ear as much, but he still bothers it occasionally.  When he does, he kind of seems indifferent to it.

Now being that Cason is 100% on the move all the time, I doubt if he has really has time to even notice his teething pain and/or the necklace is helping with what little pain he does have.  As for Cameron, I would definitely say the amber necklace helps and has made him less irritable.  I keep the necklaces on them all the time even during the bath.  At night, I will take them off, or I will wrap it around their ankle, but it has come off a few times.  I didn't like that because I didn't want them to find them in the bed and eat them.   So I don't put them on their ankles anymore.  I was afraid that they might notice each other's necklace too and pull on it.  However, I 've only had to stop them about 2-3 times.  For the most part, they just don't bother them because there's so much other stuff to destroy in the house.
So I'd say the amber necklaces do help with teething pain.  However, it also could depend on your baby and their level of pain and pain tolerance.