Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Twins' Arrival

My due date wasn't until January 16.  However, I was to have a scheduled csection on December 30.  The twins were both breech, one butt down and one sideways.  However on Dec 20th I started leaking fluid and went to the hospital.

After everything was checked and monitored the doctors determined it wasn't amniotic fluid and released me after a couple of hours to make sure.  I was like these babies are about to come.  I was still randomly leaking the days afterwards until my water finally broke at on Dec. 23 at 2am.

I had never had a csection and was completely terrified.  I could not control the shaking.  The nurse was trying to ease my nerves.  Andre was holding my hand and telling not to worry and that God got this.  I was still scared.

At 4:17am, Cameron made his entry into the world and Cason was next at 4:18am. They weighed in at 6lbs 9 oz and 7lbs.  And that's a month early folks!!

We got home around 8pm Christmas night. That first night was a rough one!  I was practically dying from csection pain and trying to care for twins and nurse them.  My mom and sister stayed with us during the week to help and went back home on the weekends when Andre was home.

They are not criers until its getting close to eat or sleep. Otherwise, they are fairly happy and content.

It has been fun and scary and completely tiring these past couple of months, but I've had a lot of help from the kids too.  The newness of the twins has pretty much worn off to the teenager so he's MIA now.  He is just waiting for them to fight each other.  Figures.  Cate is like the second mama of the house and Caleb pretty much believes he can parent better than I can.

This pic was taken after I spoke at a women's conference on a woman and her finances.  I had my sister come to watch the twins and I only left out of the pulpit once!!

The twins are 4 months now and are babbling up a storm, eating their hands all the time and more and more alert everyday.  They keep trying to sit up on their own and both have rolled over.  Cason rolled over first from belly to back.  Then Cameron rolled over a few weeks later from back to belly.  

We have really been blessed with these beautiful little boys and they have really got us spoiled!!  Any twin mamas here?  How wild is gonna get?!