Saturday, January 31, 2015

So I Hate Technology

You ever notice the minute you decide to do something, something else comes along and screws it up. So I make this fabulous declaration of blogging in 2015 only for technology to say to me, "No mam, you shall not."

The day after that grand declaration my cell phone switches over to another company with a new phone. Fine. No problem. Until there's a problem. New phone won't let me add pictures through my blogging app (blog it) which I've been practicing to get better at. I don't like the other app because you really can't place pics where you want them. I guess I'm going to have to use it though and let all those pics at the bottom work my nerves. I also don't get a signal throughout half the house so I'm ticked. So I decide I'll just blog through the computer. I decided to take computer to the professionals to get it cleaned since it's been a while. Well, after we cleaned it the modem just stopped working and won't connect!

I honestly just want to take a hammer to the computer. I can't even go into the cell phone place because it is consistently crowded, no doubt with angry customers over the poor service. I take one look at that line of cars filling the parking lot and wrapping around the building and I'm like, " Nope. Not today." The line was all the way out the door and around the corner. They gave out free coffee to ease the pain. So technology has me all out of sorts. I've been in once to get the problems resolved but after waiting an hour with two littles, I had to go. Hopefully, it gets better soon. Until then, welcome to the blog of pictureless posts or "endless" pictures. Lol