Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blogging in 2015

So I'm on this quest to be a better blogger this year (a better everything actually...as usual).  I've gone from the all the time blogger, to the occasional blogger to the non existent blogger gal.  Let's just say 2014 was not the year of blogging for me though I actually love to share all my business with people who may think I'm a wee bit crazy.  Haha! I love to write and share ideas anyway.  I mean, who doesn't?
So this year, I'm planning for it.  I mean, seriously, it's in the planner yall.  "Seriously, blog today!"  "Fa real this time!"  Yep, it looks just like that. Except, I got the flu last week, which was terrible, and it backed me up a bit.  Doesn't it seem like you get sick at the worst times?  I mean catching the flu two days before the kids return to school was tough.  I did manage to feed them, get them to school on time and remember to pick them up but God....it was rough.
So here's to more writing/blogging besides in my journals.  As a matter of fact, I have decided I shall declare myself a writer.  Yep, a self-proclaimed writer, I am.  I shall.  It's even on my vision board.  I mean business yall.  Happy 2015!