Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Well, What Exactly Have I Been Doing?

Well, we have been having a mess of a computer issue. My google plus and blog had completely shut me out. Google plus has been acting up a while for me. I could only view it but not like, comment or visit pages. I'm not a bit tech savvy or have any tech patience, so it was highly frustrating.

Camping out in the living room during the ice storm

I ended up taking the laptop to get cleaned and thought surely that would solve the problem. Nope. Everything else was fine but the blog and google plus. Then at some point, the page just stopped coming up altogether.

Trip to the Children's Museum

So I just decided to chill out with the blogging for a while because I couldn't get back on.  I did feel guilty for abondoning you guys and being able to read some of my favorite blogs.

Sorting pom poms into silicone baking cups

I even started a wordpress blog.  I'm not used to wordpress.  I only wrote one post, mostly an apology for my absence. lol

Have to love that face - upset because he doesn't want to eat

They know better than this in church clothes.

Then Andre bought another computer and told me to try and log on.  Umm... yep pops right up.  So I tried to log on again on the other computer.  Yep, pops right up as if I imagined the whole thing.

We're going to be grandparents. (duck eggs)

Everything happens for a reason.  That's how I see it. 

So I've had plenty of time to "chill" and have been posting on facebook, although their new settings are hiding posts.  Facebook is a mess.  They can monitor what you post, what you were about to post and delete, when you post, your location,  can track what they think you want and don't want to see.  This technology...I tell you.  Yet, we are in country so advanced in technology and still can't manage to find a Big 'Ole Airplane. I can't get over this missing airplane.  I pray for the people involved a lot.  I know everyone is just baffled at the fact that an airplane can just "disappear."  Scary. (I'm also a huge news junkie)
Well, I'm still working out the kinks and trying to get help from blogger.  However, for now, here's to the return of the lovely chaos.
Selfie.  Mirror needs cleaning.  Real houses with real children don't have sparkling clean bathroom mirrors. (all the time) They're covered with fingerprints and toothpaste. lol