Friday, September 20, 2013

Fitness Friday - Kettlebell Workout with Weights

There's been no Zumba but I have been on the weight lifting wagon.  I'm not sure if I think it takes less effort to not have to get Zumba set up or it's just my particular mood.  I've been adapting some kettlebell workouts and using regular dumbbells and the ones that you have to put the weights on with a clamp for grip.  Some of these exercises were done in the 30 Day Shred and just used with weights, too.  These are two YouTube videos that I've been taking from.

The Russian twist is a pain.  I don't have good balance at all. The one where they swing the bell between their legs is a move that I tried to explain months ago in a fitness post not knowing it was a kettlebell move.
I think it's time to get rid of some clothes.  There are some sizes that I'm almost certain I don't want to be back in.  I'm pretty happy with my size and don't really want to go any smaller. (or bigger)  I wasn't happy smaller and I thought I looked very anorexic.  So did my mom, although she never told me until I finally was able to gain a few pounds.  I think that season is officially over.   Moving on.
I'm considering a detox or cleanse soon.  I have some Arbonne detox tea that I haven't tried yet (primarily because I hate tea) and a digestion powder.  I may try those.  If I do, I'll write a review on them and let you know how they go.  (I don't get paid for any reviews.  I wish I did.)
This weekend is the first day of Fall.  Enjoy all the nice weather we've been having without necessarily sweating to death!