Friday, March 31, 2017

Hits And Misses Of The Dressing Room

Trying on clothes is one of my favorite and least favorite things to do.  You know it starts out good and excited.  Then you start trying on clothes and get disappointed....but it looked so cute on the mannequin....the perfectly shaped thin mannequin. 

Well, after some weight loss after the twins, I needed to get some clothes that kind of fit.  I had already said that I would slowly revamp my wardrobe and throw out some old things.  So I had two excuses to go shopping.

On one of my trips, I went to TJMAX. This lime colored skirt caught my eye.  I thought it'd be perfect to mix with some bright colors for spring and summer.  Plus, i could wear it to church too. Well, it fit.  Size 12.  We're 1 and 0. One item in the bag.

Now, I was kind of confused by these pants when I saw them on the rack.  Were they pants, a dress, did they wrap, have splits.  However,  I still thought they were pretty cute on the hanger.  Fast forward to the dressing room and I didn't think so.  They just looked weird on me. 1 and 1.

I love dresses.  They automatically make me dressed up with little to no effort. So I've been in a "buy all the dresses" mood lately. I absolutely loved the color.  I'm not sure what my color is, but this green worked. This dress is a large, although, I wondered how a medium would fit.  The kids are outside this door on a bench here, so I knew taking the time to go back out wasn't going to happen. I decided to buy the large. 2 and 1.

And here is this dress in action. I wore it to church, pair with a flower headpiece, and untamed natural hair. (I hadn't done anything to my hair in a few days and it just naturally shrinks up.)  Honey, you couldn't tell me that I wasn't a goddess this day. Just wait until I get me some muscles. Lol

Next up was this cute black jumpsuit.  I was particularly drawn to the wide legs. I like the swaying movement.  It fit pretty good as a size large, but I didn't get it.  To be honest, I already have a black jumper.  It is sleeveless, all black with a more fitted leg. I really tried to justify the need for another one, but decided I'd rather buy something that wasn't too similar to something I already owned...unless I get rid of it. 2 and 2

On another occasion,  I went into Belk's.  I pick shopping locations primarily based on how easy I can get our monster stroller through the doors, around the store, and changing rooms if necessary.  I haven't been to several stores I used to go to for this very reason.

Now this was just too cute on the mannequin.  I had already envisioned myself wearing it and looking fabulous.  Insert pageant wave.  This dress was going to be so cute this summer but I tried it on and looked like somebody's grandma.  And you know how you try to fix your hair hoping the clothes look better...It didn't help.  This was also sized a large, but I assume I must have needed a medium in this style.  Again, too much time to go get another one. 2 and 3

This crown and Ivory jumper was glorious!  Look how it has worked wonders already.  I immediately look put together and these days I need something to easily make me look put together.  I had no problem adding this to the checklist to take home. 3 and 3

Now, this is what happens when I try on these type of dresses.  My belly.  I have lost a good bit of weight, but that belly is still a work in progress.  This is with no type of shapewear on so a good underneath piece would probably help smooth that out.  However, I really just want to try my best and loose, loose, loose that belly.  So back on the rack it went.  3 and 4.

This white pant suit was everything!  It was just what I was looking for to wear to Pastor's Anniversary at church.  I'm not sure what the brand was, but this was the softest and smoothest pant suit ever.  I needed this.  Well, kind of.  Ok, I really wanted it.  However, two things stopped me from walking out of the store with it.

1.  That price tag.  Every now and then I splurge on something to wear, but it was hard to splurge on this one.  The pants, the jacket plus tax would run me a good $200. That's too much in my price is right voice.

2.  Keeping it clean.  See those two tiny humans in the fitting room with me.  Notice, the one already clenching on to the pants screaming?  How in Jesus name would this suit stay clean with 1 year old twins.  I barely wear white shirts, let alone a whole suit.  Would the stains come out?  Would I be mad if they didn't?  Heck yeah! As much as I loved this, it was best for my wallet and my mind to leave this suit here.  However, if it every goes on sale and I go to a kid free place... lol

Well, I was pretty happy with my shopping trip.  I did leave the store with a few things to step my style up and try to keep me from being frumpy mommy.  It is so easy to fall into especially when you are wearing workout clothes most days because you have to fit it in whenever.. and you likely won't have time to shower anyway.  Let's be real.

Cheers to trying to loose weight, get fit and look great!

On to the next adventure.