Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Schools In And How I've Prepared

School started back here on August 1 and we are quickly going through our 3rd week.  This year we have a 9th grader, a 6th grader, and a kindergartner plus the twins at home.  Can you say chaos?!


With the twins here now, it is definitely a bit chaotic. So I've been trying to somewhat prepare myself to make sure that I don't completely lose it.   I still love packing lunches and still do so.  So right before school started, I decided to go ahead and organize my lunch containers which had been just thrown around and falling over in this corner.

Paper is really like a death sentence for us and still is.  However, I've gotten our school papers a bit under control.  Solution?  Create a school notebook.  After the kids bring home all their papers and put them in their wall pockets (next photo), I decide what we need to keep vs what we need to throw away.  Afterwards, I store them behind a divider for each child in the school notebook.  I'll be sharing more on this notebook soon!

These are the wall pockets that I was talking about.  They were actually filled with school type papers when I bought them and I think the pockets are dry erase friendly.  So how's that for a smart solution! I put them right beside the kids chore charts. They first put any papers they bring home from school here.  If it is something I need to sign, I sign it and put it back into the pocket for them to pickup and take to school. Homework that doesn't need to be turned in yet for Caleb goes here too, otherwise we would probably lose it.

So this is what I have to do immediately before school.... because you know all those beginning of the year papers can easily get buried underneath something and disappear.  I also need my lunch packing supplies in order because that starts immediately too.  Has school started back for you yet?  What do you do to prepare?