Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Weekend And Our First 5k!

I woke up Saturday morning pumped! I was beyond excited. At 6:30, I was up cleaning and laying everybody's clothes out, probably making as much noise as possible.  They needed to wake up and get as excited as I was.

I got up and started getting ready.

I had re- twisted my hair in chunky twists trying to maintain a twist out.  I really didn't want to sweat it out during the run so I just kept the bonnet on under a baseball cap.

I was way too hyped up all morning.  I decided to go to Walmart and get something light for breakfast, because I figured we needed to eat just the right thing. (like we had been training or something)  We were out of fruit anyway and I knew the kids would need a snack.

I ended up just eating a pack of granola.
While I was at Walmart, I happened to pass the workout clothes. Uh-oh. I spotted one of those workout jackets.
I wanted that jacket.
I NEEDED that jacket.
That jacket was gone make me run like Sonya Richards-Ross.  Swoosh!

You know, I needed to look the part too.

After debating about it for 5 minutes, I said 'let me get out of this store.'

My husband laughed at me while I told him about the jacket and soon we were out the door. The kids were doing the 1 mile fun run. I figured Cate would breeze this and AJ would be dying.  Cate ran with me all the time.  AJ is usually dying from the mailbox to the front door.  I was so so wrong.

The kids were ready to race and when they said go, those kids shot out of there like firecrackers. I thought surely, they were about to burn their little bodies out.

This is Cate during the race and she was burnt out.

I managed to catch AJ about to cross the finish line.  He said, "That was a long way!"

I kept watching for Cate to come and she never did. I saw people that she was in front of cross the line and I was like 'where is Cate.'   So right after I marched off to go find my baby and before my panic attack set in good, AJ called me back and said there she is.
I looked and there was my baby, dead last, looking defeated. I walked the rest of the way with her and cheered her on. She burst into tears. One of her friends ran up and gave her a hug. I think she was upset she was last. She is such a go-getter.  I told her she did a great job and that I was proud of her.

She is still not happy but later got over it.  They walked across the street to the Farmer's Market with my niece and stuffed their faces full of kettle corn..

Soon it was our turn to go.  I was excited, nervous, everything!

When we got there, I was thrown off by everyone being in shorts and tanks. It was kind of cool outside.  Later, though, I understood.  About a mile in, I was stripping out those long sleeves and looking for a water station. 

We had some good bonding time during the race as well.  My husband and I are pretty much jokers so we laughed and cut up almost the whole race.  Someone with gray hair or a little kid would pass us, and he'd look at me crazy, talking about "Uh-uh, we got to beat them."

I was in such a good mood during the race and just so happy to be doing one, that I didn't even know where the finish line was.  I had stopped to talk, high five the kids and still have about 10 feet to go.  I heard my husband say, " Woman (what he calls me when I'm clearlynot paying attention or acting crazy), what you doing?  The finish line down here." 


"Just adding to my time!", he says.  LOL!  Finished at 45:50.  I'm shooting for 43 minutes next time.

We finally made it through the race. 
Somehow I forgot that we might actually want to eat afterwards.  I decided to go to the store vs. going to eat out.  My husband wanted a salad and the kids wanted me to make kale chips.
Am I the only one wanting a cheeseburger?

Kale chips and a Salad

I was feeling so good after the race and full of energy.  The kids went outside to feed the ducks, went fishing with friends, and we made a pit stop by the playground.
We even decided to leave the kids at grandma's later and headed to the movies.

The Best Man Holiday

It was a great movie.  It made you laugh and cry.  I love movies in general, but it's nice to watch movies with black cast members. ( not just the ones networks like to grace us with the limited presence during Black History Month.)  I actually find that pretty insulting, but whatever.
Hopefully, we can see the Hunger Games this weekend.  The line for it was ridiculous!

However, despite how good I felt on Saturday, by Sunday I felt all of those 3.1 miles.  Every bit of them.  I just laid in the bed like a log.  The hubs asked if I was going to church.  I'm like yeah yeah, not moving.  My legs were sore.  My back was sore.  I was dog tired.  I didn't want to do anything but we managed to make it.

After church on Sunday- This is what leaves were really meant for.

2 year olds are just hilarious

I really thought I was making the peace sign here and then I remembered I'm not left handed.  My natural hair, although I love it, is looking like someone's grandmother's wig.  lol. 
We're already planning to sign up for our next 5K next month.  A friend told me they were pretty addictive.  I think she was right.  Cate's thoughts, "No way!"
Any tips for the next 5K?  Let me know!