Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Breaking The Chains

I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.
John 10:10

Chains are strong and tough.  When chains are wrapped around something, it is almost impossible to get out of them without some extra means of help.  The job of a chain is to hold something, restrain something, detain, secure something into place, and/or to keep something from becoming loose or free.  Often times we have chains on us.  We have things in our lives that are trying to restrain us, hold us, and keep us from becoming free.  There are things in our life that are just hard to break away from.  It's hard to move forward and/or move at all with all theses chains on us.  Chains of anger, chains of defeat, chains of unworthiness, chains of poverty, chains of generational curses, chains of hurt and pain, chains over our relationships, marriages, finances, health...  Chains that need to be broken so they we can simply be free.  Free to move, free to live, free to rejoice and enjoy life.  How can we live an abundant life if we are always chained down? Jesus has given us life, now what are we going to do with it? 

Sometimes we allow people to put chains on us.  Somebody might say, "Oh you ain't gone ever be anything just like your mama or daddy."  "Oh, you can't do that."  We have to rise above these types of statements.  I was told I would never go to college because I had a baby when I was 18.  Not only did I go to college when most thought I wouldn't, I was sent personal letters to honors classes, invited to the University Honors Programs, made Dean's List and National Dean's List.  ( .15 points kept me from graduating Cum Laude)  It wasn't easy at all, but I did what everyone had stopped expecting of me.  I wasn't going to let the negativity of others imprison my mind and place chains of defeat on my life.  I had to rise above all that was surrounding me.  Jesus didn't die for me to live defeated and I wasn't going to be defeated.  The Bible says, we are more than a conqueror and to conqueror it, we shall.  It might take some time, some tears, some praying,  a lot of praying, but in due season...

We just have to realize that we need to be break all these chains over our lives.  I used to hold on to hurt and pain.  It literally crippled me.  For a long time, it was hard to even function.  I held back a lot.  I was always defensive and ready to put up a barricade against anybody and anything.  I had allowed myself to become so entangled in those chains that I thought I was going to stay there.  We have a tendency to hold our own selves in bondage.  Our actions are enslaved by our minds and our minds are enslaved by our hearts. 

We will talk our own selves into bondage.  "I ain't gone ever get out this mess."  I won't ever go anywhere in life."

If you don't see yourself FREE, then you surely not going to get there.  You have to be able to see yourself out of your situation.  There's a song that says.  "I hear the sounds of victory.  I know that things are going to change for me."  Notice that the song says I KNOW that things are going to change for me not I think they are.  You have to believe it to receive it, otherwise you gone end up stuck in that mess.  Cast your burdens on the lord.  Shoot.  I need to be delivered.  I need to be healed.  Release these chains, in the name of Jesus!  We don't have time for that!

So start breaking those chains in your life and instead of letting them hold you down, use them to pull up on and lift you higher.