Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Week and My Mini Coupon Haul

This was supposed to be posted earlier this week.  However, I had a death in the family and there was a lot of last minute running around. 

You know when you talk on the phone with children in the house, the message often gets misconstrued.  That's exactly what happened.  Somehow while talking to my cousin I interpreted:

They were going to have the funeral on Saturday but the church had something else booked.  So it's going to be on Friday.


The funeral is on Saturday but we are going down there on Friday.
Only me.  lol.  It wasn't a sad service or anything but rather a cheerful celebration of her life (my great aunt).

My Mini Coupon Haul

Awhile back I made a vow to myself to get back into couponing. I have been buying papers every week, well only 1-2 a week. I used to buy around 5-7 papers a Sunday depending on the coupon inserts and I've finally started to really get back into the habit.

So this morning (Wednesday), Caleb and I set out on a mission - to save money and to slowly build a stockpile. We went to BI-LO.  This is mainly my store for the sales and for the fuel perks.  I just filled my tank using $1.20/gal in fuel perks Tuesday!  I try to save them up until I get a good amount.

We used to have a stock pile a while back and there have been many times where that stockpile was a life saver when there was no extra money for anything.  So I decided I needed to rebuild.  Hey, even God had Joseph advise Pharaoh to prepare for the famine.

 It also didn't help that reruns of extreme couponing were playing all evening yesterday (Tuesday).  It just got my juices flowing.

I'm also trying to help stock my church pantry again.  I've been praying for wisdom on how to manage this and couponing is the only way I'm going to be able to do that.

This is what I managed to round up.

-2 no yolks egg noodles on sale for 3/$5 used 2 (.75) coupons
3/$5 makes them 1.67 a bag, 2bags=3.34, subtract 1.50 from two coupons= 1.84

-cracker barrel cheese on sale at 2.50 used 1.00 off coupon - 1.50 (I thought I printed more of these.)

-Pom juice BOGO free at 2.99 used .50 coupon that doubled to $1
BOGO means the price is split in half at BI-LO, so each one would be 1.50, used coupon that doubles = .50 for drink

-2 Betty Crocker mac and cheese boxes BOGO free at 1.99 used 2 (.25) coupons that each doubled to .50
each box 1.00 each, used 2 (.25) coupons that doubled- .50 for each box

-2 Hungry Jack pancake mixes at 2/$4 used a $1 off 2 coupon= 2/$3

-2 All detergents BOGO at 6.18 used a $2 off 2 coupon - 4.18 for 2

Non coupon items
2 bunches of bananas
sliced turkey
two taco seasoning packets

Total before savings - 41.49
Total Bonus card savings - 13.90
Total Coupon Savings- 7.50
Total price - 21.40 (includes tax)

So if I'd only bought my coupon items the total sale price would have been 19.49 - 7.50 (coupons) = 11.99 + tax

Most of my coupons came from the Sunday paper and then I also print them from coupon mom.