Friday, November 15, 2013

My First Attempt At Making Kale Chips

Last weekend, I went to the farmer's market and, along with other items, I decided to buy some kale.  I had been wanting to try some for a long time because of the health benefits.  However, other than salads and smoothies, I wasn't sure what to do with it.

I had heard of kale chips,So I started looking up some recipes  and decided to try some.  I washed my leaves off, deveined them, and cut them into pieces.

I didn't have anything to drizzle the olive oil.  My bottle broke a while ago and I never bought another, so I attempted to lightly pour it. 

Does that look like too much?   I seasoned them with season salt.

This was the tricky part.  All the cooking times and oven temps varied and I wasn't sure what to cook them on.  I tried them on 350.  After about 5 minutes, the oven was smoking and this is what I got.

Well, they don't look like that on those pretty recipe pictures.  Too much oil and too high temp.  The kids wanted to try them anyway. 

 Despite that kind of weird face, she is actually saying uummm.

Doesn't the hubby just think those are delish?  The kids say they were delicious.  They loved them anyway.  I am confused.  I try one and they taste a tad bit ok with a tad bit burnt taste left in your mouth.

I'm practicing for when Food Network calls.
I tried them again.  This time I turned the oven on 250.  I added my salt and even acted like a knew what I was doing and added lemon zest.  However, I'm not quite sure how long they were in the oven because we were working on a social studies project, homework, Caleb was going crazy, etc.  I'm guessing around 10-15 minutes.  I pulled them out but they were not brown on the edges, like one recipe specified..  I put them back in, I swear for like 30 seconds. 

Oven smoking. 

Second batch.  The kids ate these too.  They say they are getting better and better. 

Third times a charm right.  This time I kept the same temp and watched the clock anxiously.  I added season salt and garlic salt to these.  The results:

Aj said I hit the recipe just perfect.  Cate wants them in her lunchbox. Caleb stuffed his mouth.   My husband still thinks these are just wrong.  For some reason, I want to add Parmesan cheese to them.  I think I'll try that next time.

Recipe Ingredients
-Kale leaves
-olive oil
-seasoning salt

1.  Wash and devein leaves.  Then cut into pieces.
2.  Drizzle with olive oil and seasoning.
3.  Set oven to 250 and let bake for 13 min (I believe my oven cooks fast)