Sunday, May 5, 2013

Car-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Caleb's birthday was this past Saturday and we tried to throw him an itty bitty party with a few other 2 years olds.  Here are a few simple, inexpensive ideas that we did for his 2nd birthday.. 

Pin The Tire Game
Made a felt car with wheels. I was hoping the kids could tell it was a car.
Where is the car game?
Hide a car or two under the cones and have the kids find them.

Car Painting
I printed cars coloring sheets, glued them on construction paper (to make a frame look) and let the kids paint with cars. I used a pan for easy clean up.

Make traffic lights out of raisin and oatmeal boxes for decoration.
We opted for cupcakes instead of a cake.  We always end up throwing the extra away.  I arranged them in a number two.
I saved a few aluminum cans for decoration,stuffed with leftover styrofoam, wrapped with tissue paper, and stuck a flag in.
Treat bags are donuts, a party blower, small trophy, and a few pieces of candy.  Thanks for a tirerrific time!

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