Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Curious Mind

Dear God,

Thank you for blessing me with truly brilliant children.  They are awesome,  always curious and eager to learn.  And they are constantly full of questions.  They clearly are taking that "you have not because you ask not" scripture out of context, right?  Last night on the way home from Bible Study, AJ asked me a question.  A good question.  A question that he obviously had been wondering about for while.  Oh, God.   Whenever he's trying to keep from falling asleep in the car, he always puts his "thinking cap" on.  Why can't he just go to sleep like normal children?  Half of the time his questions usually leave me in deep thought, confused or in an "Oh My Lord" state as I'm searching for an answer. 

"Mama, How did slavery start if Jesus was around?"
How do you answer that?  What was the answer?  I fumbled that ball all the way home until he fell asleep.  (We didn't get home until 10:30.)  I told him I didn't know.  Nothing wrong with being honest.  I threw around a couple of possibilities, but it's not like I actually knew.  Apparently, I'm not smarter than a 5th grader.  He's really going to be something one day.  I can't wait to see where that mind of his takes him.
So God, thank you for blessing me with such inquisitive young minds but, if you could, please bless me with some answers to go with them.  That would be nice.
Sincerely Miranda
PS:  I'd also like to thank you for the brilliant mind of Shonda Rhimes because I can't wait to see what happens on Scandal tonight!