Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Know It's Summer When...

Whether it's the scorching temperatures, the sight of bare feet covered in mud, or the sound of afternoon laughter (the kids are probably doing something devious), there are always some key characteristics that summer has arrived.  So here's mine.  Maybe you can relate.

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1.  The kids are up at the crack of dawn.
2.  You could care less what the kids are wearing.
3.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, Popsicles and watermelon are substitutes for real meals.
4.  There is more dirt and water inside than outside.
5.  More time is spent figuring out where all the food went.
6.  The kitchen table is covered in crafts, activities or both.

7.  You forget you have a mailbox.
8.  You have no idea what day it is.  Just Go With It.
9.  Pajama Day is a frequent holiday.
10.  The living room floor is transformed into a camping ground.

11.  Vacation Bible School
12.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner occur at any random time throughout the day.
13. You realize just how many toys your children actually do have.
14. Flip flops are the new normal.

15.  The water hose becomes a child sprinkler system...or a bath.
16.  It's probably not considered morning when you do get out of the bed, or want to get out.
17.  You need as much bug spray as you need water to survive.
18.  You've come up with a hundred different sandwich combinations because it's too hot to turn the oven on.

19.  Picnics, ball caps, softball, and kickball
20.  You find yourself yelling, "STOP RUNNING IN AND OUT THIS HOUSE!!"

Embrace the Chaos