Friday, August 9, 2013

Toddertivities - What' My Name?

Well, I think I'm about fully recovered from the crud I've been fighting for the last couple of days. It was horrible and I was just a mess. I'm pretty sure while reading to my daughter, I told her that glaciers were little people that ate snow in the ocean. I hope she wasn't listening. So now, I can get back to regular posting starting with what Caleb's been learning during the first whole week of school. We've been working on some name activities.

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I wrote his name on a piece of construction paper and had him match the letters and glue them down.

We traced his name with noodles.

We made a name tag necklace that he proudly wore everywhere. We simply painted a piece of cardboard, put stickers on, and pulled a string through it.

We practiced tracing his name with a lot of coaching because he wouldn't let me help him. There was a lot of "Look, look, wait. Where are the dots? Stop right there. Now, go around and so on. We made it though. He did pretty good for a first try.