Monday, August 5, 2013

Schools In - Did I Meet My Goals?

I had previously made some goals to hopefully have accomplished by the time school starts and that was Thursday.  Some were a hit and some were a miss.  So this is how it panned out.

1.  Clean out and wash the car.
We were easily able to get the car cleaned out but I had to decide if I really wanted to set myself for this washing the car experience.  A lot of helping hands washing and a lot less cleaning.  I decided to pass.  I don't think the car is happy.

2.  Set up a command center
AHHHH!  Did you scream?  It's a mess.  This is what was currently begging for attention in the hall.   It isn't that, that bad but look at all that mail. 
*For the record, I would like to state none of that belongs to me. However, God forbid I throw away that one piece he's looking for because it has a scribble of something somewhere in a corner.  I've just decided to throw it into a bin and let him sort through it whenever.
Cleaned it up a bit.  Put our bucket there for writing utensils and straightened our yarn clothesline for art.
This is the other side wall, but the bathroom splits it.  I had big dreams for this wall.  Unfortunately, when I drew my cartoon sketch picture on my paper, my wall was a lot of bigger.  So I had to adjust.   I put a pocket up for each child to put anything in that I need to sign or look at.  (Caleb would have disowned me if I left him out)  They have to check back in the morning if they have anything to pick up.  These were actually wipe off educational packets from Walmart.  They came with printed clock templates, times sheets, and writing paper so the child could put the paper in and write on the plastic instead.  They were only $2 each.  I decided to reuse them.  I can always use the templates later.    I also wanted to put a calendar on this wall solely for test days and projects but I haven't figured that out yet.

3.  Make weekday labels for the kids' clothes.
I made these Thursday during Caleb's nap time.   Card stock written on with the "poor teacher's laminator" (packing tape) and string.  We really don't have room for those big organizers with the days on them.  On Sunday we pick out all of our clothes and put a day on the hanger so we know exactly what we are wearing everyday.  This should lessen the chance of scarves with shorts and long sleeve shirts with glitter boots in 90 degree temperatures.  True story.

4.  Make a few new hair accessories for Cate.
I started on these but never got finished.  So they are still a work in progress.  Well actually not a work in progress.  I'll get to them, but it would have been nice to have matching bows on Thursday when I couldn't find one.  I couldn't find a headband or anything.  I making those too as if I have so much extra time on my hands.

5.  Finish making the rest of the napkins for the lunchboxes.
I dug through all my scrap fabric and was able to make some more.  I decided to add a different color to the backs of them and try a decorative top stitch. I need more practice but not that bad.

6.  Freezer Cooking. You can check out my freezer cooking post here.

7.  Decide on a back to school hair style for Cate and have an idea of the rest of them for the month.

This is Cate on the first day of school.  The first two days she wore her hair in these little balls.  The first full week (this one) I washed and put her hair half up and half down in two strand twists like this second picture- minus the bangs.  I'm going to re-twist at night and untwist in the mornings.
Second week hair
The last two weeks her hair will be in two strand twists and I will probably do a twist out for the last two or three days of the second week.

Our Hair Inspiration
Skai Jackson from Disney's "Jessie"

8.  Go ahead and get back on our bedtime schedule.
We almost made.  We went on time one day.  Then, we were running around and got home late another day.  Then we were 1o minutes off but close.  Then, we took my niece to the mall at the last minute looking for shoes.  Oh well, we tried.  It should be easier now that we're settling back into a routine.