Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Organizing The Multi- Room

The multi-room is that room hosting a multitude of functions.  Our multi-room is the family room/craft room/office/whatever can't fit into the other rooms room.  We have long outgrown our house but have no intentions, plans, or money to move until the next 3 years are up, if everything falls in place rather than fall apart. 
There is stuff everywhere in this room- games, toys, teaching notebooks, art and craft supplies, posters, fabric, books, records, office supplies, and our number one culprit - paper.  Some of the things are put into places, jars, or bins but are not easily accessible.  Half of the craft supplies are thrown into plastic bags and put in a corner until I need to use them.  It's a headache when you actually do need something.  I'll be working on this project for a while, I'm sure. 

This is just some of the chaos I've pulled out. About half of it was stacked on top of the table and in piles in a corner on the floor. 
Chaos here. Some organized. Some not. There's unrolled ribbon, too, thanks to a little person.

Yes, that is a slide. My unreasonable reason- He can always play on it, regardless of the weather, and it will stay clean.  You get a better picture of how much stuff is on the sofa and I haven't even pulled everything out of the drawers and baskets yet.
Not too bad here, but there's always room for improvement.  It looks so cluttered.  Caleb recently discovered that the glass on the black table opens when you push it.  He's pushed it until it's fallen off and walked proudly into the kitchen one day displaying screws.  There is also an almost never played guitar in a box here.
I started this clutter detox this morning and I'm about a third of the way done.  Hopefully, I will get it finished by tomorrow afternoon  and I will have some pictures posted.  Oh, and I plan on getting this done and organized without spending a dime.  There will be a lot of purging and repurposing going on.  Wish me luck.