Saturday, July 8, 2017

36 and 33 - Birthday Behavior

Andre and I both celebrated birthdays this past weekend.  His was on the 29th of June and mine was on the July 2.  Well, he had to work on his birthday so the kids and I made sure that he had a little celebration at home.  We have this little tradition of always throwing Andre a little party.  It is probably just as much for the kids as it is for him.  

Blowing balloons up and throwing them all over the living room floor was an absolute birthday necessity according to Caleb.  We rushed all over the house trying to prepare before BooBoo got home from work.  The kids would call to check his location, then check the time.  The minute they heard keys at the door, everybody scattered and hid.  Happy birthday was sung at the tops of everybody's lungs and balloon fights followed.  We prepared a "feast fit for a king" and Cate placed his crown.  Then, we ate and laughed and lived for year thirty six and every other day we've been blessed to see together. 


The twins always enjoy making a mess.  We didn't give them the seafood just because I'm still kind of squeamish about it.  I gave them chicken, but I guess I'll let them try it soon. 

Happy birthday to my babe. God ain't finished with him yet! 

Then, Saturday the real birthday date begin.  Y'all know how it is when you finally get out of the house alone without your kids.  Praise God!  Won't He do it!  A big thanks to my mama and my sister for watching all 5 kids so we could have a little evening out.

I'm not going to lie.  I went out and bought everything I had on plus a little extra. lol  I mean happy birthday to me.  My tops are from @cheekybliss and my jeans are from @belk junior department.  I never really know what section to shop in when I'm in big department stores, so I hang out there.  Both of these shops are tagged on my Instagram page.

We didn't know how to act.

We decided to go play some Putt Putt. This was pure fun competition. I even decided to get a score card and fill it out "winner" and "loser." Now, my points were supposed to be in the winner's section, but Mr. Man here decided to let me play first.  He put my points in the loser's section. lol    

You guys, I concentrated real hard to beat him too.  I was talking plenty of trash too.  Not to mention, that heat was about to melt all my face off.  I was about to burn up out there, but I was trying to look cute.  We, then, went inside and played a little air hockey.  Oh, and I was not the winner either. I tried!

Our next stop was Red Lobster.  I didn't take any pictures though.  I kind of wish I did because we barely have any pictures of us together.   

Next stop was the movies.  We just looked up one that was close to the Red Lobster.  When we went to order tickets, they showed us a screen to pick our seats.  Well that was different.  We've been to a couple of theaters, but have never had to pick seats before.  Then we walked in and look!  Fully reclining seats, yall!  We live in a small town and are from an even smaller one.  You may have had this experience before, but this was new to us.  I was like "Awww shoot, now! I'm 'bout to go to sleep."  Lol! 

I did doze off a couple of times for real though. I was laid all the way back.  We watched Wonder Woman, by the way.  It was completely awesome!  I really recommend you see that if you haven't already.

It's my birthday!  Thirty-three years young! I decided since I'm usually taking pictures of everybody else, I try to get the hubs to take a few pics of me sometimes. 

I've always wanted one of these skirts, but I can never really find them for adults or made exactly the way I want.  I did find this one @belk junior department and snagged it up.  My top was a gift from my Pastor for Christmas.  She is a woman, by the way.  Let's just clear that up!  I was trying to go for an old kind of regal look I guess.  I added the headpiece which I do believe is from Walmart.

I was slightly annoyed by the zipper in the front of the shirt and started to wear it backwards.  However, knowing me, I'd get make up all over it and be out of luck.  So I let it be.  Do you think I pulled it off.

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