Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fitness Friday

Well I've finally managed to get this post done and it's been one of those weeks where there was the good, the bad and the ugly.

Eating has been up and down this week mainly because of how busy and unplanned it was.  This led to stress eating, snacking, and eating whatever was available at some times.  There were some days I didn't even eat breakfast or snack and fell asleep after cooking dinner.
Here is my summary and there was random snacking in between. (handfuls of marshmallows, fruit snacks, oatmeal cookies, eating off a toddlers plate, etc.)

Breakfast -cereal milk/fruit/eggs/sausage

Snack- goldfish/yogurt/fruit/marshmallows/ramen noodles ( I like noodles though my husband thinks I'm crazy for eating these.)

Lunch -Chinese food/soup/salad/pb&j/fruit/ramen noodles/

Snack - cucumbers/cashews/cereal/fruit/pb&j

Dinner - salads with and without meat/fish/baked chicken/ potatoes/corn/pizza/soup

Friday - I did run/walk those 2 miles
Saturday - Went to the River walk and walked around town (active)
Sunday -none
Monday - 1.25 miles and arms - curls, tricep curls, arm raises, overhead press-  15reps each 2x
Tuesday -none
Wednesday -1.25 miles and squats, lunges, jumping jacks, calve raises, leg lifts 15 reps each 2x
Thursday -1.25 miles
Friday - 1.25 miles

Prior to the first blog post for Fitness Friday, I currently weigh in at 176.  I don't necessarily have a goal weight.  I mean how are you supposed to know what a number is going to look like on you anyway.  I just aim to get rid of the mommy tummy and tone up.  Whatever weight it takes to get that done, I'll be happy.  However, there is a staple in my wardrobe that is fitting looser.....MY TENNIS SHOES!!  I'm wearing those suckers out!