Monday, April 8, 2013

Wanna Be A Coupon Queen?

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Why use coupons

They save you money, that's why.  That $1 coupon is like having one dollar in your pocket.  If you have $15 worth of coupons, then that is the complete equivalent of $15.  Now would you just throw away $15?  No, you wouldn't.  You'd stash it in your pockets.   Coupons = cheaper stuff =less money spent=happier wallets.

Where to get coupons

Coupons can be obtained from your local Sunday paper.  However, I noticed that there are rarely or as many coupons in our local paper, maybe somebody's swiping them, so I always buy papers from the surrounding counties.  They always have more.  You can also print coupons online.  I print from  They have several coupons and when you register (it's free-my favorite reason), they have coupons matched with store deals so you can check out the best prices at different locations.(less work for you)  You can also find coupons in magazines.  Many magazines will have coupons in them and one in particular the All You magazine (Walmart- if you can brave the masses) is usually loaded with coupons.  I always flip through to see if they are ones that I use before purchasing.  There is a list of the coupons and the amount of each in the front of the magazine.

When and How to use coupons

Don't run out and use a coupon the minute you get it.  Wait until those items go on sale.  That's how you get the best bang for your buck.  There are times where I have gotten body wash for 8 cent (it was on close out for 2.08 and I had a $2 coupon, fabric softener for about 26 cent ($3 softner -$3 coupon, just had to pay sales tax) and pasta sauce for 50 cent (sale for $1.49-.50 coupon that doubled to $1).  Check your local ads and see if you can match up any your coupons to what's on sale and see what it will cost you.  (Just because you have a coupon and it's on sale doesn't mean the price is right)  Use your Bob Barker game show voice and say "That's Too Much."  You have to decide what you are willing and not willing to pay for something.

I honestly haven't been going to the store a whole lot because I'm trying to practice a debt diet.  On top of student loans, medical bills, and car payments, we started a trucking company last year.  I'll post about it later.  I've been using what we have and trying to keep from spending anything much.
I'm not a big hoarder either on products. I don't believe in going to the store and clearing shelves or buying 20 bottles of something. (The show "Extreme Couponing" is a great motivator but it's also slightly ridiculous). However, I do believe in getting 'enough.' By the size of your family, you have to determine what that means

There are times that I have bought large lots of items, but hardly ever at the same time or store.(I try to think about others)  I've managed to buy wellness products (body wash, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, feminine products, etc.) for the youth in our church as a part of a back to school campaign to help kids that don't have as much.  We have a lot of children that just come to us as a refuge from a difficult life. There were about 25 children and I spend just under $200.  I also buy for my mom, mother in law, and church pantry.

Hope this helps some future couponers.  Let's pave the way to save!