Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lunchbox Packing Love

Whether it is ham and cheese, chips and dip, soups and salads, or the beloved pb&j, figuring out how to pack all the goodies of a school lunch is a chore.  Well I finally ordered what will now be our staple lunch box packing supplies, and they were delivered yesterday.  Thank God, because I've been packing lunches forever.  I don't know why it has taken me almost 6 years to spend $30 on sectioned containers and silicone muffin liners that would have made my life so much easier.  Maybe they didn't exist then, or maybe they did and my brain cells had chosen not to co-exist with the idea of the simple life.  It is a far better idea than the thousands of plastic bags that would get me Earth Day arrested or the vast assortment of missing tupperware lids and containers that have forever been declared cold case files.

The kids eat school lunches occasionally; however, on most days I'm the pack rat.  My kids are picky eaters, one is near OCD, lunches cost too much, the older one is usually still hungry after eating lunch ( I'm quickly realizing that a pre-teenage boy can eat you clean out of the house), and I could probably do a somewhat better job.  Somewhat.  And besides it's fun and tests my creativity to come up with happy healthy lunches, like the life cycle of a butterfly themed lunch I made for my daughter while they were studying it.  I even wrote one of the vocabulary words on an index card and taped it on the container.  I felt like I had accomplished something, in spite of my inability to wash grease laden dishes in a timely manner or vacuum the crumbs and crafts off the living room for the 3rd time in a day.  Well I'm excited to only be using one item and not having to play another round of tug-o-war with a zipper to close because I have 6 different size containers bulging out of one small lunchbox.