Friday, April 12, 2013

Fitness Friday

So if you have been following my blog(since last week), I've decided to post about my "get fit journey" on Fridays. 

Eating Habits

First, I would like to say my eating habits are not that bad.  I mostly eat healthy, I just need to kick the sweet habit and/or limit it. 
The weekend wasn't that good, well Saturday wasn't.  The kids and I made cookie pops and I ate 3 and then we had pizza, bread sticks, and wings for dinner.  I just didn't feel like cooking.  I did sometimes sneak in two or three jolly rancher chews during the week, as well.  I really wanted a Reese peanut butter cup, though.  I called my husband for approval.  ( I didn't want to take the blame.)  He reluctantly approved but, because he did, I didn't get one.  I got oatmeal cookies instead.

Sunday through the rest of the week, I did pretty good.  Each meal consisted/varied of some of the listed foods.

Breakfast - cereal/milk and fruit, scrambled eggs/fruit, - I don't drink much milk unless I'm eating cereal

Snack - fruit/peanut butter sandwich/cucumbers/yogurt

Lunch - salad- spinach/cheese/lean turkey or chicken with dressing or grilled chicken wraps with spinach

Snack - fruit/peanut butter cookies or sandwich/oatmeal cookies

Dinner - Salad/grilled chicken wrap/chicken strips/fruit

Working It Out

Friday I attempted to do a pinterest workout that I knew would kill me.

Right about that no nonsense! I didn't make it.  I got through one round minus the mountain climbers and that was it.  My husband sat on the sofa coaching me while eating a bag of Lays.  This was almost grounds for divorce. 

Saturday - Black eye peas for Wii - 35 minutes

Sunday - 3 miles run/walk - I can almost run a whole mile without stopping.  I have to rest my legs then restart.  I think Jesus got tired of me calling on him today.

Sunday - 2 miles run/walk

Monday - 50 jumping jacks, 5lb weights - 10bicep, 10tricep curls/ 10overhead something- looks like muscle man

Tuesday - rest day - I attempted to walk through the mall and my legs felt like rubber.  I was exhausted.

Wednesday - Went to the state park (a lot of walking) - not an actual work out but being active - I realized how out of shape I was running after a toddler, whose running after big brother and sister on playground.  I'm usually active though, just not in shape.  There's a difference.

Thursday - Did absolutely nothing - I'll make this up.

Today - headed out to get my miles.  I'm planning on two and yes I'm really going.  If I would have done it first, I probably would have never written this post.

Wish me luck! Thanks for reading!