Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gotta Check Into Rehab!

This has gotten completely out of control.  He just can't stop.  And his withdrawal symptoms turn into screeching wails blazing like wildfires that won't subside until his addiction is met.  I'm at a lost.  I keep trying to minimize his contact.... out of sight, out of mind.  Not so the case.  It's a problem, a big problem.

That darn paci or "Ba" as he calls it. 
This child is addicted to that thing like a meth addict to meth.  Through all the kids, I 've never had one as attached to the thing as he is.  He has to have it.  You would think that as long as he doesn't see it that he'll forget about it, but this here is something serious.  Doesn't the name Caleb mean a "different spirit?"
This child will pat you down like you're at airport security.  He's checking your pants pockets, your jacket pockets, and your pocketbook.  He will even go as far as to say, "It's at grandma house?"  Really?   So when he doesn't have it, withdrawal starts to set in.

You know how some kids cry that soft cry and you can barely hear them.  And their parents are like, "Oh be quiet, I'm tired of that crying."  I'm like, "what crying?"   Caleb is not one of those criers.  He will howl like he's trying to call a meeting with all the wolves in all the forests around the whole Earth to wake the dead.  It's horrible and to make it worse.... he follows you.  Follows you and screams.  Are these my genes?  Was I like this? 

Is this his way of carrying out Mathew 7:7 - Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.  We need to talk Lord.  I need strength.  As of this moment, right now, this child has been crying off and on for an hour and a half, "MOMMY, I WANT BAAAA!" 

Oh, please let it get better.  We try to only give it to him at nap time and bedtime unless he is completely going insane.  Then, we sometimes give in, so we don't join him in his insanity plea.  The little manipulator. Surely we're going to need rehab to break this addiction.  Rehab for a two year old over a paci.  Lord, help us.