Friday, June 14, 2013

Fitness Friday - The 30 Day Shred Day 10

I'm still going!

I did skip 2 days this week, Saturday and Tuesday.  One day was do to a family issue, but I continued on out for the rest of the days.  So I am actually on day 10 instead of day 12.   It has been hard, very hard and completely exhausting!

I'll admit my stamina for the workouts has increased from the beginning but after each workout I'm covered in sweat and I feel like I'm about to keel over.  I usually just lie on the floor and thank God that's it's over.

(I had just finished)
After looking up some results from others that have done the 30 day shred, I noticed that most of the people were hardly losing any weight.  Most were losing like 1.45868698 pounds or gaining pounds due to muscle.  That just wasn't going to work.  I knew that I needed to burn fat and this here was a lot more than 1 pound.
(Day 1 of 30 Day Shred)
That camera is adding 5 pounds!  It looks like a 5 month baby bump and no I'm not pregnant.  Am I?  Okay, no.  Sometimes that belly has me fooled. 
 So I was faced with the problem of trying to figure out how and when I would get a little more cardio in.  I had to seize the moment.  This week I ended up adding 2 miles and the Biggest Loser Cardio Max to the mix.  Oh, My!
At this point, I wondered if I could pull a "celebrity stunt" and be hospitalized for exhaustion.  My body was worn out.  I've been sleeping until 10 and 11:00 almost every morning.  The kids have missed story time at the library and 2 shows for the summer reading program.  I felt so guilty.   The house was still standing so the kids didn't burn it down.  I had no idea what they were doing but they knew how to fix a bowl of cereal, and they had easy access to tv and toys.  But just hold on, before you put the Department of Family and Children Services on speed dial, the hubs has been home and was watching them.  Crisis averted.
Well as for eating, it's been okay.  There are days when I do great and then there are days..... I might need to repent.  Well, they weren't that bad, but let's just say I bought a mini bag of recces and kitkats to treat myself.  Sometimes, I don't like to share.  Oh and I had French fries the other day on a trip to see my sister.  I can't remember the last time I had eaten a French fry.  Those were the best French fries ever.  So long dear friend.
I've seen others take their measurements before starting the program but of course I didn't.  I didn't even think about it.  So I took them on day 7 and then I lost them. 
(Day 10)
The hubs says he can notice a difference in me but you know husbands.  He had BETTER said that!  He's even decided to join me in this workout madness.  Now, just a bit of background husband is an ex-football, ex-basketball, ex- track, ex-whatever athlete and currently plays softball.  So, I can't tell you how over filled with joy I was as I watched him DYING through his first day of the 30 Day Shred.  It was wonderful, especially since I had build up my stamina.  Victory was mine!  Of course, that just added to his competitive spirit.  We love to joke around. 
(We'll see who makes it to the end.)
So I'll move on to level 2 tomorrow.  I'm sure it's going to be more than a challenge but I'm more than a conqueror.  I'll get there! Wait a minute, we'll get there!