Saturday, April 8, 2017

St Patty's Day Fun

 Another holiday has come and gone...and I'm finally getting a post up. lol This means more fun things to do! Whoop! Whoop!  Here are some ways we celebrated St. Patty's day.

Every kid loves a good game.  So why not have a little rainbow treasure hunt? We had a race just to make it more fun.  The kids get a bucket and see who can collect the colors of the rainbow the fastest.  AJ cheated once and got a pack of crayons.  So we obviously had to set some rules in place.

Then we made "rainbow necklaces" using Froot Loops and yarn.  Caleb started out putting his cereal in order of the rainbow.  Then, decided it was faster to just put them on.  He became obsessed with seeing how long he could make his necklace. This is a good "Keep ' em busy" activity and it practices fine motor skills for smaller tots.


What would you do if you found a pot of Gold?  Good question and writing prompt. 
We used some coins for Caleb to put a sentence in the correct order.  Then, we talked about how precious we were to Jesus and how we are worth more than gold to Him.  Then, I asked him to write one thing that he liked about himself.  Afterwards, I had all the kids name something that they liked about themselves and one thing they liked about each other.   I'm just trying to slick remind them that they do love eachother.  Lol.  Maybe it will come back to their remembrance when they are fighting. I grabbed these little coins from Hobby Lobby to use in our activities.  We used them in site word matching.  I called out a site word, and he used them to cover that site word.


We also used the coins for the twins to practice their fine motor skills.  We had these stacking cups that already had a slit in them to use.  However,  you can use an oatmeal container or box with a slit cut in the top.


Rainbow pancakes were on the breakfast  menu.   Since, we woke up late and missed the bus, somebody got to help make them too.  Of course, lucky charms made the menu too.

Tip:  I have a wanderer in the mornings.   Sometimes a small activity on the table helps to keep a little wanderer still and occupied.


Caitlyn loves art.  For Halloween, she was Jackson Pollock, an American drip/splatter artist. About a month ago, the movie "Pollock" came on tv and I let her watch the parts where he was creating his paintings.  They have created small splatter paintings on regular paper before, so I decided to buy some canvases to let them make bigger ones.  I figured they might look "rainbowy."  However, they got too excited with the paint and pretty much mixed it all up until they had an almost solid blackish canvas. Lol

I haven't been regularly packing lunches because you know ...end of the school year...
However,  we did do these kind of St. Patty's themed lunches.


Well, on to Easter!