Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Jars Gift Idea

Easter is almost here!  Here is one of my favorite Easter gift ideas instead of baskets.  Easter Jars!  I don't know about y'all, but our house has been overrun by stuff.  One year, I just decided that I didn't want to do Easter baskets at all. What toys were my kids going to get in the basket that they didn't already have at home anyway...likely buried underneath something?  If your house is being overrun by tons and tons of stuff and you would just rather not deal with it all, Easter jars are a simple AND frugal idea.  They are perfect, too, for the kids that are growing out of the toys and just want treats anyway!

Aren't these just too cute?!  Not only can you make Easter jars for your kids, you can make them as gifts for others too.  We made these jars one year for the teachers.  They are filled with M&Ms, colorful Easter grass, and a chocolate bunny.  The yellow ribbon adds cute Spring touch.

 The jars can also serve as part of your holiday d├ęcor and an easy storage solution when empty.

These were the jars that I made for kids that year.  I kind of went with a bunny theme by adding bunny fruit snacks and crackers to go along with their chocolate bunnies.

We used smaller jars here being that stores were sold out of the bigger ones.  They were still just as cute with the little chubby bunnies in.

In these jars, I added some bunny peeps and a little "nest egg" to give the kids some spending money.  You can't go wrong with treats and cash, right?  These are perfect for kids who don't really play with much anyway or just like to buy things on their own.

I love how colorful the jars are!  Easter jars are still one of my favorite gifts to date.  What do you think about Easter jars?