Monday, April 10, 2017

DIY Easter Themed Bento Lunches and a Bunny Breakfast

Packing lunches has always been a fun and creative outlet for me.  I've always loved surprising the kids by creating fun things for them to find inside of their lunchboxes.  Here are a few lunches that are just in time for Easter and Spring.

Simple cookie cutters automatically turn sandwiches into fun creations. 

This is one version of our diy lunchable.  The baby chick cheese and turkey were made with little stamp cutters that I found at Walmart.  They come in a set of 4 springy characters.
Have you ever heard of Wilton food markers?  They are perfect for drawing on food and making little creations like this fun Easter egg.  You can let your kids use them too to decorate their own lunches.  Our last Easter touch is adding a plastic egg with a few sweet treats inside.  I think we added fruit snacks and marshmallows.

Here we used the little stamps again, but this time it is the Easter egg.  They made cute little mini sandwiches.  A bunny egg mold also helped transform our boiled egg.

"Some bunny loves you!"  Now "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" is not an Easter book, but it happened to be our read aloud at the time.  So we did a lunch that related to the book which happened to be about a bunny and I just think bunny cheese is great.  I found those bunny pics at the Dollar tree packaged with the cupcake liners. 

Another colorful and fun decorated Easter egg with some Spring flower power here.

"You are egg-cellent."  I love to leave little messages for the kids to read.  I used to get kind of carried away when Caleb was smaller because I used to forget that he couldn't actually read.  LOL!  Someone usually helped him read it though.

And a bunny Easter breakfast is sure to put a smile on any kid's face!  Pancakes with bacon ears, string cheese whiskers and mouth, a raspberry nose, blueberry eyes and a scrambled egg tie makes this an extra special bunny friend for your littles in the mornings.

Do you enjoy packing lunches too?  Click here for more lunch packing ideas.  Oh, and don't forget Easter gifts and crafts.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

XOXO Miranda