Thursday, March 9, 2017

Celebrating Read Across America Week

Nothing cooler than reading right? I love Read Across America Day! 

I love books and I cannot lie and so I kind of want everyone to love them too.  At some point, I will get where I can actually sit down alone and read an adult book.  However, for now, I just celebrate with the kids.  Besides, I like celebrating anything. 
I'm throwing it back here to about 3 years ago where I dressed the littles up for Dr. Seuss Day.  You can check out the posts for these outfits here and here and here.  

One fish. Two fish. Red fish. Blue fish! Here's a fun Dr. Seuss themed lunch for the kids.  This is one from last year when Caleb was in prek.  The fish were made with a cookie cutter on bread.  Then, I spread cream cheese on top, berries and candy eyes.  Add some goldfish, cubed ham, carrots and I drew on a Cat in the Hat cheese stick. Caleb loves opening his lunchbox to little "fun with food" surprises.

Another activity we did was building the cat's hat with addition facts. This was an "I need to keep you occupied so you don't get distracted and miss the school bus morning activity." lol We've also done this activity with numbers (putting them in the correct order) when he was in prek.

We did more fishy math afterschool.  We worked on graphing the colors, writing the numbers, tally marks, and answering a few questions.

This was on Friday.  The kids got to dress up like superheroes for Read Across America week.  Readers are definitely superheroes and get more and more super powers from reading.  I absolutely loved the school's superhero idea. 

We did some simple green eggs and ham with cat in the Hat skewers for breakfast.  Did you know that you can dye eggs naturally without using food coloring?  I just used a little of the juice from some thawed blueberries. You only have to use a little and it doesn't taste funny either.  Then we just have strawberries and bananas to make the cat's hat and a grape for his head.

Here's another throwback from last year when we had our Seuss mini party.  We watched The Lorax and traced hands to make that lovely mustache.   I just had to get the twins in there too. Lol.  Aj backed out of the pic at the last minute.  He remembered that this was not "cool." Haha! Teenagers! This is cool!  You can find some other Dr. Seuss crafts here.

Isn't that a cute little Lorax and what 5 year old wouldn't want edible cars?  The cars are put together using toothpicks that are attached to the grape wheels. This was his afterschool lunch with a "read together" book.  However, Caleb managed to read this book almost entirely on his own.

Remember in the last post, I mentioned I look for excuses to make big, pretty, party messes? Well, Dr. Seuss also fits the bill.  We've been having mini Dr. Seuss parties for a couple of years now.  I always do a book display, sometimes the food is themed, and we watch one of the Dr. Seuss movies. The kids always get really excited about it. Even the twins got a mini food platter for the party this year. 

Dr. Seuss parties of the past

Remember to make learning fun!