Thursday, February 9, 2017

Buggy Troubles

I decided to go to the grocery store after dropping Caleb off at school this morning.   Once I got in the parking lot, I noticed the car buggies and thought the twins would like that.  Besides, I could go ahead and do my weekly shopping because I'd have more space in this versus the stroller. So despite taking a brutal whipping from the wind, I stood outside the car and tried to sanitize the cart as best as I could.  The wind nearly blew us away trying to get them in, but we managed and made it into the store.

The twins seemed to be very interested in their new ride.  I mean Cason was sitting as cool as could be.  One hand on the steering wheel and one hand in back on the handle.  You couldn't tell him anything.   New wheels.  New Cason.  They were driving around.  Yet, despite there being two steering wheels, they still fought over one.  However,  the real party didn't start until while taking this pic, I noticed that Cason was standing up.

How is he standing up? I knew I strapped him in. So I checked and the straps weren't buckled.  So I strapped him down again as he watched. He tried to stand back up, and bam. The straps easily popped right off.  Yall the look of sheer astonishment combined with excitement on this child's face. I silently thought to myself, Aww s$!#!  

Cameron casually noticed his brother's newfound freedom but didn't seem bothered. Meanwhile, Cason was on cloud 9. Up, down, up down was how we went down the rest of the aisle. Oh, but wait, then he noticed that he could climb in the seat and stand up there.  Oh, Lort. Now, I had to make sure man 1 wasn't going to go overboard while shopping. 

Well, it just so happens that a few aisles over, Cameron discovered that he too could be a free man if he leaned forward.  You know one of the phrases that twin mamas get tired of hearing is, "Uh-oh double trouble." However, here we were. Lol! It was a juggling act after that.  Cameron wanted to turn around backwards and stand up in the seat too.  It was turn this one around, grab that one, get this one down, get the milk, give them distractions, get that one....
They did this all the way through checkout.
There were a few seconds where they were seated and just looked around, but like I said -seconds.  Haha! 
I am proud of myself, though.  Where most people tell me that they would have lost their mind, I kept calm.  I didn't panic.  I wasn't too worried and continued to shop.  In my opinion, it wasn't that bad, but I think my temperament and personality plays a lot in that.  Thank you Lord for that!
I was kind of waiting on the "know it all onlooker" to offer helpful suggestions like buckling them down as if I was completely incapable of thinking.  However, the cashier was throwing major shade.  I wonder what generalizations and stereotypes she grouped me in. Lol. Whatever. We made in and we made it out and we'll be back!

Be blessed